How to choose an air compressor for painting

Did you know that there is a faster, cleaner and more professional way to paint walls? Find out now why and how to choose the best air compressor for painting.
Cómo elegir un compresor de aire para pintar

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Did you know that painting with a spray gun has become a trend in recent times? Why does spray painting give better results than 'brush and roller'? What are the keys to choosing the best air compressor to paint suitable for your project?

Painting air compressors have become very popular in recent years for spray painting.

If you are one of those who tie the blanket to your head, and you still paint the walls with a brush and paintbrush, you should know that using a paint sprayer is not only more fun, but it is also more efficient.

The main difference? Rollers and brushes can leave marks on the surface, so it is not always the best tool for painting walls with professional results.

With a paint gun you can achieve a high degree of smoothness and quality on the walls you decide to paint.

The most attractive part of using a paint spray gun is the time you save, as by painting with a sprayer you can paint more with much less effort.

However, you need to know that there are also different paint sprayers depending on your project. While some work with compressed air from air compressors, there are other models that do not use compressed air. Among all the useful information that we can find on this website specialized in air compressors, the recommendation is to use paint sprayers based on compressed air.

Here's how to select the best air compressor to power your paint gun.

Essential aspects to consider when choosing an air compressor for painting


When it comes to spray painting, there are two main types.

  • High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray guns.
  • Low Volume Low Pressure (LVLP) spray guns.

Both require low pressure, but the main factor is the following:

Air consumption

Air consumption is represented by cubic centimeters per minute: For you to understand, it refers to the volume of air produced in an air compressor per minute.

It is not about the force of the air, but the amount of air that the compressor can produce at a certain pressure.

It's kind of like the main parameter to look at to make sure you buy the best air compressor for painting.

After checking the Air Consumption, you will need to make sure that the chosen air compressor produces more than the Air Consumption of the spray gun. Avoid air compressors that produce the same as Air Consumption. In order for your paint gun to work efficiently, the paint air compressor needs to produce more than the Air Consumption.

Tank size

Paint sprayers require a continuous flow of compressed air from the air compressor to function properly.

This means that they consume more air in the same period of time. It is generally recommended to opt for an air compressor that has a minimum capacity of 200 liters or more, to be able to paint efficiently.

If you consider these three points above when buying an air compressor for your paint sprayer, you will surely make the right choice.

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