How to become an extremely seductive person

Art or science? The power of seduction has always been around and now you can learn to master it like you've never been taught before!
Cómo ser alguien extremadamente seductor

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Trying to seduce someone but you don't know how to do it? Is seduction something you are born with or is it possible to learn it at any time? What are the keys to be more seductive in a short time?

If you are interested in finding a way to get someone's romantic or sexual attention, then seduction has a priority role.

Although many people think that this is something very complicated, with just a few changes in your body language and paying attention to some details, you can make amazing progress in no time.

Eye contact or a subtle touch in some situations; listening to what the other person says and making them feel unique are some of the keys. If we add to that an outfit that enhances your most flattering features, you can instantly draw the attention of anyone.

How to use your body language to seduce

The quintessential technique to seduce someone lies in the look. The best way to practice seduction is to look into the eyes of the person you are trying to attract.

Maintaining eye contact will get their full attention.

If you are talking to someone else, make an effort to look them in the eye. This will make him feel like you are paying attention to him. It's a super effective way to make yourself feel special, while also making you look seductive.

But beware! Excessive eye contact can be counterproductive.

Facial expression

It is true that some expressions are seen as more seductive than others. When it comes to seducing someone else, subtlety plays a major role in the expression on your face. For example, instead of smiling directly, you can give a slight, sly smile. You can also hold your gaze and smile with your mouth closed.

Body posture

Body posture is the perfect channel to convey interest, which is the main ingredient of seduction.

If you cross your arms or turn your body away, you could imply that you have no interest. To show that you are interested in the other person, it is best to keep an open and welcoming posture.

Look directly at the person speaking to you. Keep your arms away from your chest and keep your lap clear. Lean forward and you will have everything to convey interest to your interlocutor.


If you feel like you pique the other person's interest, then you can play around with some subtle details. Physical contact awakens the power of passion, but if you go overboard, you could ruin everything.

Try stroking her arm or gently touching her knees.

Voice tone

The voice has a powerful influence. Speaking with a soft and pleasant voice, avoiding speaking too loud, you will get anyone's attention.

How to get a seductive personality

It is easier to pique other people's interest when you are able to make them feel comfortable and special. To be seductive you have to learn to recognize the achievements of others and make them feel unique. Compliments, along with seductive body language, will help you feel truly irresistible.

Active listening

Listening is a very powerful way to connect with others.

When it comes to being seductive, just listen to what they have to say to you. Respond based on your experiences and always talking about yourself. This exchange of information will make you be seen as someone attractive to others.

But as important as listening is speaking. If you are a person with lipstick, this will be much easier for you. On the other hand, if you consider yourself someone more of a few words you can use some phrases to seduce.

  • I want to send you many beautiful texts, one for each day with the intention that each of them make you happy every day.
  • There is no one else in the world who makes me feel as happy as you do, you fill me with joy, you fill me with happiness.
  • Your smile is the relief of my sorrows, it is a ray of sunshine among the gray clouds.


A good smile at the appropriate time can give you a seductive touch during a conversation.

A mysterious smile can be useful over time, but if you are being joked, you should offer a big smile that will serve to make the other person feel flattered by laughing their thanks.

How to choose a seductive style

There is no one garment that is universally seductive, so you will need some time to find the one that best suits you.

You can try on different outfits until you detect what works best with your personality.

Just focus on choosing the clothes that highlight your most attractive attributes.

Select a seductive fragrance

Smelling good is something that makes you seductive quickly. Choose some perfume or cologne and, before going out, put a little behind your ears. A fresh scent can be very seductive.

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