How to overcome post-vacation anxiety

Have you just returned from vacation and feel like you've reached Hell? This is post-vacation anxiety and we tell you how to overcome it quickly.
Cómo superar la ansiedad postvacacional

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Have you just returned from vacation but feel an unusual sadness that makes you drag your feet on the ground? Why do these negative feelings arise if the holidays are supposed to be to return with charged batteries? What to do to overcome this post-vacation anxiety quickly and painlessly?

By this time, most people have enjoyed a time of relaxation and free time outside of work, alone or with someone, where they enjoy and have fun. But then ... why do such unpleasant emotions appear as soon as you return to the routine?

Although these feelings of post-vacation anxiety are not yet fully recognized as a syndrome, the reality is that it is experienced by almost everyone who returns to work from vacation.

«One of the main actors in the general malaise after a vacation period is feeling without resources»- Michael Baigent

Since people have more time, they tend to spend it doing much more enjoyable activities than they do during routine days.

Although the days at work are filled with useful activities, the pleasure received is actually not that great.

The good news? That post-vacation anxiety won't last forever. But you won't have to live with that feeling for long either.

Is it a depression?

The feeling of sadness after the holidays is usually temporary. Which means that you will continue to sleep, eat and concentrate as normal.

Despite how bad you may feel, you will still see a future for yourself.

However, if these negative views they invade you with suicidal thoughts and they do not disappear in a short period of time, then it is best that you visit your GP.

Look for the bright side of things

I know you have heard the previous sentence thousands of times, but this post-vacation sadness is due to the fact that many people only live for vacations. That is, they wait throughout the year for those days of pleasure and rest.

But how to overcome it? Very easy. You can start by starting to plan projects for the next few weeks and months that help you regain excitement and inspiration.

It would be very hard to have to wait a whole year to return to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Therefore, you can take advantage of the return to your day to day to give up an unwanted habit and to adopt new behaviors that help you improve your way of thinking, your unknown skills or learning that enrich you. Just remember the important thing: it doesn't necessarily have to be a big thing.

To help you, you can use a list in which you write down what things you enjoy doing and schedule their start. Soon you will start to feel much better!

Change the way you see things

The key is to have a good attitude from your last day of vacation. As soon as you return home, think about how exciting it is to be able to change a lot of things. Understand that these vacations are a fuel to return with more strength.

Anyway, the other option is to regret how long the wait will be until your next vacation. What do you prefer to choose?

As soon as you add a daily activity to your routine, your post-vacation anxiety will begin to ease. Listening to your favorite song, signing up for dance classes, or meeting your friends can work. Just make sure you make it happen.

It is true that after the holidays, our thought patterns change. So in your attitude lies your ability to feel better. Maintain a kind and caring speech to yourself and things will magically change.

Think of you

The Christmas or New Year holidays are full of partying and socializing.

What does it translate into? In eating and drinking more than what is normal and healthy. For this reason, getting back into a routine helps ease feelings of sadness and post-vacation anxiety.

If you include some physical exercise in your daily routine, you will be able to keep your spirits in great condition without difficulty. You can start by going for a run, but walking works too.

The chemical changes that occur in the brain increase the endocrines, which give you that feeling of calm.

Finding some time for that is easy.

The 4 keys to quickly overcome post-vacation anxiety

take care of yourself

Get the right hours of sleep, eat right, and drink in moderation. Also add some physical exercise to your day to day. Even walking is beneficial.

Avoid routine

Take responsibility for your life and avoid falling into what you hate the most. Stop being a mere spectator and become the protagonist of your life.

Plan your next vacation

Just thinking about it can give you as much satisfaction as making it happen.

Get excited about something coming

Planning your next days and weeks will allow you to incorporate new enjoyable activities. Create your inspiring week by imagining your next getaway and enjoy making it happen.

Keep the spirit of your past vacation alive

Do your best to relive the feelings you had during your retreat. Reviewing your photos or writing a journal will not only help you feel better, but also to have a wonderful memory of the great time you spent.

Other ways to do it easily

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