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A teacher felt great animosity towards a student because he could never humiliate or intimidate him. You can't imagine what happened.
Un joven Mahatma Gandhi

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A professor named Peters, from University College London, felt great animosity towards a student because he could never humiliate or intimidate him. Their heated arguments were very common in college.

One day Mr. Peters was having lunch in the university dining room and the boy came with his tray and sat next to the professor. The professor, with his typical arrogance, said:

-Gentleman, you don't seem to understand. A pig and a bird cannot sit together to eat.

To which the student replied:

-Don't worry, professor. I will fly away. - getting up and sitting at another table.

Mr. Peters, full of rage, decided to take revenge in the next exam, but the student answered all the questions brilliantly.

Then Mr. Peters asked him the following question in class:

-If you are walking down the street, you find a package and inside there is a bag full of wisdom and another bag full of money; Which of the two would you take?

Without hesitation, the student replied:

-I would take the bag full of money, of course.

Mr. Peters, smiling, said:

"I, instead, would have chosen wisdom, don't you think?"

-Each one would take what he does not have.

Mr. Peters, already hysterical, wrote "IDIOT!" and gave it to the student. The boy took the sheet and sat down.

A few minutes later, the student turned to the teacher and said:

-Mr. Peters, you have signed the sheet, but you have not given me the grade.

Years later, this young boy became one of the most famous leaders in history, known for leading the independence of India through methods based on non-violence.

Politician, thinker, and leader of Indian nationalism, whose teachings inspired a world peace movement.

This young student was Mahatma Gandhi. Un joven Mahatma Gandhi

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