How to know if your partner is cheating on you: 5 clues that reveal an infidelity

Do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you and you don't know how to confirm it? Learn the best methods to detect a lie and end an infidelity.
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No one is happy to think that their partner may be cheating on them. We trust her and love her so much that, at times, these feelings blind us in such a way that we cannot be aware of an almost always obvious reality.

However, all this changes when we look at some unusual details that make us start to think of the worst ... Is my partner cheating on me?

For those people who have detected a mysterious behavior in their partner and who believe that they are being the victims of an infidelity, I bring you these tips to empirically check if your partner is cheating on you.

It is important to say first of all that the patterns that we are going to comment on below are usually indicators that your partner is cheating on you, however, when dealing with generalizations, it does not coincide in 100 % of the cases.

How to know if my partner is cheating on me? Discovering the lie

When a person chooses to cheat on their partner with another person, it is normal for their behavior to be different. It is not easy at all to lead a double life, and much less if you try to hide it from someone as important and valuable as your current partner can be.

Different personality

It is the best way to start discovering if you are being the victim of a sentimental deception.

Analyzing their behavior and paying attention to those details that you previously considered unimportant can be vital in your investigation. Try for a second think like someone who cheats on their partner: It is logical to expect a distant attitude and it would not be strange if he no longer wants to do so many things with you. Obviously there is already someone with whom you consider better to do them.

It is possible that his mood is not entirely positive and that his behavior becomes irascible, how else could someone who wants to start a new relationship feel but is being held back by you?

It is true that anyone can be going through a bad time and present these symptoms. This does not mean that he is being unfaithful. However, if you think that your partner has no reason for such abnormal behavior, perhaps you should consider that it is most likely that he is seeing someone else.

Goodbye to routine. Your schedule begins to change ...

We don't need to be gifted geniuses to figure this out. We have all seen thousands of movies where this type of situation appears.

"Lately I have to stay overtime at work", "the meeting took longer than I expected" or "next weekend I have to spend it outside" are some of the excuses most used by all liars in the world.

Make no mistake, it can happen to anyone one day that they have to stay longer at their job, or that a meeting does not end when we had planned, it is even possible that someone has to spend the whole weekend away ... but always that they are specific events.

Perhaps as you read this article all the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together. Above all, keep calm.

You must continue with your investigation until you have obtained all the evidence that supports your suspicion. One wrong step and you could be the one who looks bad on top.

Control your jealousy and anger, and pay attention to his smell, his clothes, his hairstyle ... everything can be a clue to discover if he is really being unfaithful.

Changes in bed? Bad news

There are many professionals who assure that if problems start in bed, there is some related problem outside of it.

What are usually the causes of this? In the greatest number of cases it is infidelity.

If your partner used to be energetic and full of motivation, but is suddenly always tired, unwilling to do anything or no longer likes what he used to love, it may be because he is having an extramarital affair.

Do not despair: Dialogue is usually the best tool to solve this type of conflict. Adopt a mature attitude. Strike up a conversation and prepare for everything you might hear is the best recommendation.

Showing an understanding attitude will make it easier for him to speak to you honestly and sincerely, which after all is what you are looking for if it were infidelity.

His mobile phone amuses him more than you

The revolution of smartphones and tablets has caused many to spend part of their leisure time glued to their favorite touch screen, and it is more than possible that your partner is one of the many who have fun using these devices.

However, it can also be a double-edged sword, and behind a semblance of innocence hides the terrible event of an extramarital affair.

Don't expect them to get a call while you are there, but there are a thousand ways to communicate via text.

The bottom line: don't look at his phone or ask for permission to do so. Remember that we want to find out if someone else is lying to usBut we must not give up our own education or our values.

However, you can analyze their behavior in front of the mobile phone. Subtle movements so that you do not see what appears on your screen or the like clearly indicate that there is something that is trying to hide you.

Confirmed infidelity, now what do I do ?!

Once we have discovered and have clear confirmation that our partner is cheating on us, It is natural that we want to know what steps to take in this unpleasant and stressful situation.

It is important that you talk to your partner as soon as possible and explain the results of your investigations. Remember that if you have done it well, you will be the one who has control of the situation, since surely your partner does not expect you to know.

Do not think about taking revenge on your own or adopt a behavior that can leave you as a child and immature person. Relationships as a couple are a matter for adults, and as such, the solutions to the conflicts that may occur within it must also be.

Adopting an out-of-control, jealous attitude won't help you at all. What's more, it will take away your credibility and you will quickly have lost all reason.

Relax and think that when things happen, they happen, and there is no going back. The best thing is to raise your head and focus on leaving the past where it should: behind.

They may ask for your forgiveness and assure you that they won't do it again. Only you know if it is worth believing, however, if he once did and tried to hide it ... What makes you think there won't be a second time?

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