How to Reduce Cellulite Dramatically

Looking for the ultimate method to end cellulite? Discover the truth about cellulite and learn what really works to eliminate it quickly.
Cómo reducir la celulitis

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Looking for a definitive way to remove annoying cellulite from your buttocks and legs? Tired of trying thousands of remedies that finally do not offer the results you expect? What is the reality of cellulite and what can you do to end it once and for all?

Cellulite occurs when the skin has characteristic dimples that are generally located in the thigh area, since it is the area where the greatest amount of fat accumulates naturally.

It occurs when deep fatty tissue in the skin presses on connective tissue, resulting in that look for which cellulite is as famous as it is unwanted.

However, cellulite affects about 90 % of adult women, being less frequent in males.

Among the factors that predispose the appearance of cellulite, we find:

  • Age.
  • Estrogens
  • Family background.
  • Inflammation of tissues.
  • Increase in fat levels due to weight gain.
  • Collagen deficiency.
  • Circulation problems (especially in the legs)
  • Poor lymphatic drainage.
  • Reduction of the outermost layer of the skin, called the epidermis.

Although the presence of cellulite in the area of the legs and thighs can be annoying, the reality is that it does not present any serious health problem. However, the urge to want to eliminate cellulite permanently is natural.

Through some natural recommendations and some physical exercises it is possible to obtain results in order to recover the natural appearance of the skin.

How to reduce cellulite naturally?

These are some home tips that can help you reduce the presence of cellulite on your body.


Massages can be done at home or go to a professional to do them. In addition to helping to eliminate cellulite, massages have many other benefits for your body.

Through massages you can improve lymphatic drainage, which will improve the appearance of your skin, at the same time that it strengthens your dermis and helps with the disappearance of cellulite.

In the market you can find some creams to reduce cellulite, although most of the results lie in the massage. However, to get the most out of it you will have to apply it correctly, giving a circular massage in the thighs and buttocks area.

Remember that a single massage will not be enough, but you will have to repeat this process regularly until you get the result you are looking for.


Water plays a crucial role in reducing or removing cellulite. In addition to balancing hydration levels, water serves to eliminate toxins that promote fat accumulation and stimulate circulation and lymphatic flow.

Bioactive collagen peptides

Surely you no longer believe in the promises that supplement manufacturers make to improve your body quickly, but bioactive collagen peptics have managed to reduce cellulite in women of all conditions in less than a year.

Although the results are promising, it is true that a little more depth is needed in the study of this supplement to end cellulite.

Weight loss

Losing those extra pounds is closely related to natural cellulite reduction.

Although people with a healthy weight are still susceptible to cellulite, reducing your weight and doing some exercise can make the dimples in your thighs disappear almost completely.

Self tanners

A fast and cheap way to hide cellulite.

Although it is a temporary remedy, the truth is that cellulite stands out more in fair skin tones.

To efficiently apply a self tanner, first exfoliate your skin prior to application.

What are the best exercises to reduce cellulite?

There are certain very beneficial exercises to tighten the skin in the area near the thigh. This helps, in turn, to reduce cellulite in the same area.

Although it is not a foolproof method, physical exercise can make your muscles stronger and the skin tighter.


  1. Spread your feet at shoulder level, pointing your feet parallel and forward.
  2. Lower your glutes as if you were sitting in a chair, but without your knees coming forward to the balls of your feet.
  3. Make the effort to return to the starting position and repeat.

Jump squats

Once you have mastered traditional squats, you can move on to this more advanced version.

  1. Make a traditional seed.
  2. Instead of backing up to the starting position, do a small jump from your toes.


  1. Stand in front of a bench or exercise box.
  2. Go up and down energetically supporting one foot to propel yourself.
  3. Do it again with the other leg.

Glute / leg kick

  1. Get on all fours supporting your hands and knees on the floor.
  2. Shift each leg behind you, making sure to stay focused on your glutes and upper thighs.
  3. Lower each leg and start over.

Side to side

  1. Stand firm and with your feet together.
  2. Shift each leg to the side, waiting for one leg and contracting your inner and outer thigh muscles.
  3. Return to the center and repeat with the other leg.

Add progressions

The exercises above use your own weight for improvements. Another idea is to add more weight as you gain strength.

Stretching and warm-ups are also important before and after exercising.

Form your own routine and combine the different training exercises with some aerobic activity that helps you burn fat while toning and strengthening muscles and improving the elasticity of your skin.

Some very effective exercises to burn fat are: cycling, dancing, walking, running, swimming, hiking.

Just look for something that you like to do and that you enjoy with them.

If you go to start exercising for the first time, make sure your doctor recommends it before you start.

Improve your lifestyle habits

Although unfortunately there is no definitive way to avoid it, cellulite is a common condition, which can increase with age and with certain aspects of each individual's lifestyle.

If you are interested in receiving professional treatments, you can talk to a dermatologist to help you find other ways to reduce cellulite, such as laser therapy.

Remember that no method is final, so you also need to take into account that it may be necessary to repeat any process to keep the presence of cellulite hidden on your thighs.

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