How to lighten your armpits: 3 instant and home remedies

Como aclarar las axilas

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The armpits are one of the most delicate parts of our body; in the first place because it is very easy to get irritated. In addition, completely removing the hair from that area is difficult because you always see a blackened trace that does not look very good.

There are some chemical methods that allow us to lighten armpits (like creams), but we recommend natural procedures so that they are not so intrusive with our body. Here we reveal the most effective methods.

How to lighten armpits with lemon

Surely you already know many advantages that lemon can bring to our body ... but surely you do not know this yet. We have to cut it in half and apply on the armpits (do not do it if we have just waxed since it can sting a lot and it would become painful).

It will help us to clear that area, to eliminate any dead cells that may exist. In addition, it is a powerful deodorant that can come in handy in a pinch.


Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is a widely used procedure to remove color from hair (which may have received after a dye). Following this pattern, it will also help us with our little project.

We have to use it daily in the armpits to be able to notice its effects. As in the previous step, we should not use it if we have waxed because it will hurt.


The potato will also help us achieve perfect results when it comes to lighten armpits. We need to mash a potato to obtain a puree with very special properties. We will take a small cotton ball and we will impregnate it with the puree; then we will apply it on the area to be bleached and wait a few minutes.

Finally we will rinse with water. It will not really have immediate results, but we can see them if we use this method frequently.

Other ways to do it easily

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