How to clean the bathroom

Goodbye germs! Today we learn everything you need to clean the bathroom, disinfect all the toilets and keep it clean for much longer.
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How to clean the bathroom effectively and efficiently? What to do to disinfect every corner of our bathroom and avoid accumulation of germs? What are the best tips to keep the bathroom cleaner for longer?

Nobody enjoys cleaning the bathroom, but since we have to do it, we better do it right.

Learn right now the best tricks and recommendations to clean effectively and keep clean for much longer from surfaces, walls and floors, to the shower and the toilet.

How to prepare the bathroom cleaning

Start by removing anything that is getting in the way of your cleaning process: cans, sponges, towels, and trash. Also set aside any furniture that can be moved to better clean under them.

Add some bleach or any other disinfectant to the inside of the toilet

You can also put the brush inside to disinfect it.

Remember to keep the door open, so it can ventilate properly.

Sweep and rub

All cleaning, regardless of the area, always starts from the bottom up. It cleans with greater intensity in the corners of the bathroom, as well as sweeps over the entire surface.

If your baseboards are delicate, you can cover them with some toilet paper or paper towels.

Put a little more effort in the difficult areas

Spray all surfaces with disinfectant bathroom cleaner and let it work for as long as the manufacturer recommends. Make sure that the bathtub, toilet, sink and the rest of the sanitary equipment are perfectly covered by the product.

Normally, you need to let it sit for about 15 minutes for the product to take effect. Not only will you be able to remove the toughest stains, but this will make cleaning easier.

Just make sure you read the label carefully and follow the specified steps and precautions.

How to properly clean every bathroom surface

If you find moldy areas, it is best to apply a disinfectant or bleach through a spray so that it works for a few minutes. Then use a scrubber to scrub those sprayed areas. When you're done, rinse it off with water and make sure to leave everything dry.

You can use rubber gloves to prevent the products from causing dryness to your skin if they come into contact with it.

How to clean the sink

In the sink, the main dirt is made up of the soap suds and the remains of toothpaste.

To get everything gleaming, you need to spray the surface with a little bathroom cleaner. As you spray, you will need to continue scrubbing with a sponge or scouring pad.

You can use a smaller brush to reach difficult areas.

But beware! You should never clean the sink with the same cloth or scouring pad that you use to wash the toilet, since you could be transferring germs from one place to another.

Finish by cleaning the highest areas, shelves and furniture with a mixture of hot water and soap. To avoid germs, add some bleach to the water.

How to clean the shower

Apply the cleaning product to all surfaces of the shower, including walls, faucet and shower head. Let it act for a few minutes and rub with a scouring pad.

If you detect areas with green or rust-colored stains, then you will have to use a specific cleaner to remove lime, rust and calcium.

Soak the head and the faucet with a specific cleaner. If the dirt is too encrusted, you may need to help with a brush.

When you finish, rinse everything with plenty of water.

How to clean the toilet

To clean the toilet, you can start with the cistern. Then you will need to thoroughly wash all the external surfaces of the toilet, from the inner lid, to the outer lid, the hinges and the seat.

For this you can use a bathroom cleaner, but always using the same scouring pad or cloth exclusively for this task.

How to clean the bathroom mirror

To clean the bathroom mirror, you just have to apply some glass cleaner and clean everything with a cloth or paper towel.

Alternatively, you can use vinegar to a little water and use newspaper to clean the mirror.

Sweep and scrub

Finally, sweep the last traces of dirt from the floor and complete the bathroom cleaning by scrubbing the floor with some floor scrubber and a little bleach.

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