How to write a perfect recommendation letter

Have you been asked to write a letter of recommendation? We reveal the exact whores to write a professional 100% recommendation letter.
Cómo escribir una carta recomendación

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Have you been asked for a letter of recommendation and want to learn how to write one professionally? What are the best recommendations for writing an effective recommendation letter? What are the essential points that you should include and what is it that is better not to mention?

Sometimes the employer asks for it, other times they are part of the application process. Whatever your case, today you will learn everything you need to write a letter of recommendation to attach to your resume.

A recommendation letter is a very powerful resource for any job candidate, so if you have to write one, it is very important that you add some details that give your profile the necessary strength as an applicant.

Here are the steps to writing an effective letter of recommendation for a job.

Take into account the job to which you aspire

Whenever you write a letter of recommendation, you must be very clear about the characteristics of that specific job.

You will have to read the details of the offer, in order to find the specific skills and knowledge that you can incorporate into the candidate's letter. It is about connecting a link between the applicant's qualities and the job requirements.

It highlights the types of work for which the person applying is suitable.

Know the company previously

When you have to write a letter of recommendation for someone, there are two things it should make it easier for you:

  1. A copy of your curriculum vitae (CV).
  2. The job offer.

You can also take a look at his cover letter, to understand how he applies to the company.

You can help yourself by using their employment goals, reviewing some of their work-related tasks, or analyzing the relationship that you have with the person you are writing for.

Structure your recommendation letter

The first part of the letter is dedicated to discovering the person you are recommending. Mention your position, as well as the position of the individual at the time they interacted with you, and briefly review the type and duration of the relationship you had.

Body of the letter

In the body of the letter you have to make a list with the strengths of the candidate, where their skills, qualities and knowledge are repeated. It's about expressing the other person's best assets directly.

Keep in mind that when you finish, you will have to justify each of your statements. The purpose of this? Give your letter credibility. By giving specific examples, you can highlight their skills with greater authority. You can mention:

  • Projects or roles that you successfully performed.
  • Achievements in which it added value to the organization.
  • Strengths that facilitated the generation of results.

Closing the letter

Before finishing your letter, it is usually very good to specify that you would have that person again. Although you can also explain why you think the recommended individual could be an ideal addition to the company.

It's usually a good idea to include a phone number and email address, so potential employers can get in touch with you if they need it.

Example: Sample letter of recommendation for employment

This is a sample recommendation letter that you can use:

Dear Mr. Herrera,

I am writing to recommend Marco Saavedra, who recently applied for the position of Sales Manager at ABC Company. I have had the opportunity to work directly with Marco during his time as a commercial consultant at XYZ, SL., Where he impressed me with his complete skills that allowed me to fully understand everything he is capable of contributing.

Marco was an unbeatable addition to my team. He easily adapted to our department, and learned very quickly everything about all of our products, and not just the ones he sold. His flexibility allowed him to use the appropriate tactics when thinking changes in customers from the first minute. 

Marco's potential far exceeded his goals, which he used to help his colleagues close some difficult sales. He is an organized person, with a positive attitude and a sense of humor that earned him recognition among customers and other employees.

With his adaptability and dedication, I have no doubt that Marco will be a terrific Sales Manager for ABC Company. It is clear to me that both you and your company will be delighted with it. If you have any questions or would like to speak with me personally, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Receive a cordial greeting,

Juan Alamo

How to send your letter of recommendation

You may have to send the letter to the person you are recommended to, but you may be asked to send it directly to the employer. If you send it by email, attach a copy of the letter in PDF. However, the job offer or the employer will specify how the letter should be sent and by whom.

Other ways to do it easily

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