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Sending an email is not complicated at all, but many people still get it wrong. These are the guidelines to send an email successfully.
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What are the secrets to sending an effective email? Have you never sent an email and want to know what steps to take to get it right? What are the secrets to writing a successful email and what can we do to maximize its effect on the recipient?

The Internet is the order of the day: at home, at work, at the University… that is why it is normal that one day we will have to face the need to send an email and we want to do our best.

Although almost all of us know how to do it, there are still people who either because they have never had the need, or because they have not wanted to, but who now find themselves in the position of needing to send an email to someone and feel somewhat lost or a little disoriented.

Sending an email is very simple, you just have to follow a few simple guidelines to write a persuasive email that perfectly communicates exactly what we want to say.

How to register an email account?

The first step required before starting to write our email is to have an email account. Maybe you remember signing up for an account a while ago, or you just haven't done it before.

Doing so is not too complicated and you will only have to fill in a form with your data and send it so that, in a few minutes, you can have your 100 % email account operational.

Select your service provider

Today we can find many email providers, both free and paid.

Among the most famous we find several very popular options that work very well.

Both registering an email account, and logging into Gmail or Outlook are very simple steps that do not require much complication. These two options are usually preferred by those who are looking for a quality service, with a high storage capacity and, best of all: they are free options.

Once you have chosen which email service you intend to use, it is the step of registering your account.

Choose a username and password

This step is decisive, since although the password can be changed, the reality is that to get another username it will be necessary to open a new email account.

Many people choose their name, their initials, or their aliases. You can use whatever you want, but keep in mind that for professional matters there is nothing like using your own name.

The password should be difficult to guess, but easy to remember. Pick one you won't forget and make sure it's safe enough that no one can ever guess it.

Setting up your email account

This step is optional, although it is truly highly recommended.

There are several options that in most email providers we can configure to customize our email account.


This field is the first thing the person who receives an email sees, so we must not underestimate it and we can never leave it empty. Just write a short and concise sentence that contains a summary of the rest of the content. You must write a personalized subject for each email you send, unless it is a response to another message, so it is advisable to respect the "RE:" tags that are automatically added to the subject with each response.


The automatic signature is fully customizable and is used to automatically add it to the end of all your messages.

It is usually useful to identify ourselves to the recipient, to publicize our position or simply to offer alternative contact channels to our readers. Setting it up is very easy and you will only have to do it once. Just remember not to exceed more than 3 or 4 lines and contribute only to more relevant information for the reader.

How to write a perfect email?

Writing an email correctly is not as complicated as many people think, but at the same time we have to take into account several considerations that will take our email to the next level.

In addition to choosing the appropriate time and day and correctly completing the subject and recipient fields, it is also important to start our message with a greeting and end it with a farewell so that whoever reads us knows perfectly who we are. However, there are a few more things you can do to improve the quality of all your emails.

Once you have your email account ready, all you have to do is log in to the service and click on the compose button.

Although the interface varies from one service to another, the reality is that, for example, to log in to Gmail we just have to access accounts.google.com and enter our email and password in the requested fields.

Watch your spelling

Spelling errors can throw all our communication efforts overboard, since although a small mistake may go unnoticed, an email full of spelling errors can end up directly in the trash.

Try to write your message without errors so that it can be taken seriously by the recipient so that your ideas can be quickly understood with the greatest clarity.

A very good trick is to use the spell checker. It is a function added to a wide variety of software with which we can make sure that we write everything perfectly. However, the best revision will always be done by yourself.

Use uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately

Writing in capital letters is considered like yelling on the Internet. For this reason, it is best to limit yourself to using capital letters for the first letter of proper names and to begin a sentence after a period and followed or a period and part.

Capital letters can also be used to highlight a word among the rest, although for this you can also use the bold format.

Use punctuation marks properly

Many people overlook the usefulness of using punctuation marks correctly. Although nothing happens if we ignore a semicolon, the reality is that punctuation marks provide clarity and organization to the message, so that the reader can read it more comfortably.

Structure the message in paragraphs

It is always good to help the reader in everything we can to understand what we say in our email, for that reason, a good technique is to leave a blank space between paragraphs. That is, if you press the key twice enter you will get a more striking and organized message, especially if your email is long.

Be brief

The saying goes: the good, if brief, twice as good. In emails it happens exactly the same. Many people think that the more information your email includes, the better it will be. However, it is best to summarize it as much as we can without forgetting any important details.

Review before shipping

A fundamental step when writing an email is found in the review. Take a look at your writing once you have finished it and read it from top to bottom to check that, indeed, everything is in order.

Other ways to do it easily

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