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The time has come to make writing your new skill. Learn how to write and publish your first bestselling book today.
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Do you dream of writing a book but don't know where to start? What are the secrets of the best writers to stay inspired and complete their works? What are the keys to writing a best-seller even if you've never written a book before?

Many people think that the most difficult part of writing comes when we want to publish it, but the reality is that at this point we will have already gone through the hardest part: writing it.

Make no mistake. The hardest task in writing a book is sitting down and doing it. Books are not written by themselves. They require an investment of your own self to create something relevant.

There are some people who dream for many years of becoming a writer. They think they have important things to say; things the world needs to hear.

How to write a real book

Today you will know the basic steps you need to know to be able to write your own book. But before we get to that, let's see: what are the phases that the book writing process goes through?

  • Introduction: It's when you start writing your book. You feel over-motivated and it serves to clarify what you are going to write and how you plan to do it
  • Stimulus: Shortly after starting you start to feel a certain burden. Obstacles start to pile up and you plan how to overcome them.
  • Conclution: A book almost written is not a true book. The goal is not to start the project, but to complete it.

Now is the time to review the 10 practical tips that will help you make your dream come true: write and publish your book.

Preparing what is necessary

Every fin has a beginning. With a book, the first phase consists of 4 parts.

Decide what the book will be about

All books talk about something. Reduce the argument of your book to a single sentence, then turn it into a paragraph, and then try to expand it down one page. Then write a table of contents to help guide you as you write, then divide each chapter into a few sections. Ultimately, your book should be divided into three parts: introduction, middle and end. To do it differently would be complicated.

Decide how many words per day you are going to write.

This is the best part. Many people think that the art of writing a book lies in writing a lot every day. There's no need. Writing a daily amount of 300 or 400 words allows you to have your book complete in just under 2 years. Setting a daily word limit will help you do something big, but start small and manageable.

Set your work schedule

Creativity is based on consistency. You need deadlines to work, since writing a book is basically the same. Of course, you also have rest days if you wish; as long as that's how you've organized yourself. The important thing is to have everything ready before the date you decide. This way you will know that you are writing when you have to write.

Establish your writing place

You can choose the place that you like the most. You can do it in your room or at the table in your favorite coffee shop. The main thing is that it is a different place than where you dedicate to do other things. Simply select a special location, where just by entering you feel the powerful urge to start writing. This will help remind you that you have a commitment: to finish writing your book.

Doing the job

Now is the time to put your hands in the dough.

Sets the total number of words

The best writers know the end from the beginning. Shortly after starting to write you will have to determine the total number of words that your book will have. It can range from 20,000 words (if you write a short eBook) to 100,000 words (if you opt for an epic novel).

Set your weekly limits

Weekly goals are very necessary. They help you stay focused without getting lost. You can celebrate your progress and, at the same time, discover all that you still have to do. It's a great way to help you understand your performance. There is no other way: you need deadlines.

Receive feedback

If there is something wrong with writing a book, it is having to rewrite it. If you do not allow anyone to see what you are doing, you will know little about whether what you write will interest someone. Try to find someone you trust: friends, editors, a family member ... Someone whose opinion is valuable to you and you can take advantage of to guide your writing in the right direction.

Put some finishing touches

How do you know when you are done? It is not known. That is why it is important that you review well how to finish the book writing process.

Commit to finish

Whatever happens, finish it off. Set the date for publication. You can contact an editor or publish it yourself. Just do what is necessary so that the world can access it. Remember that the goal was to get your ideas into other people's heads, so putting the effort into promoting your book is almost as important as writing it.

Take on the failures

You should already know that reaching the end of your project will be more of a headache for you. It's okay to fail, but you don't have to push yourself too hard either. The important thing is to remain determined to continue, without obsessing over reaching perfection.

Write another book

You won't meet an author who thinks his first book was the best. However, without that first book you will never learn what it takes to write a better one. The key is clear: give it your all and fail quickly to start over. This is the only way to progress. You need practice, and that means you have to keep writing.

All writers started writing sometime. And there is no other way. If others could, you can too.

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