How to choose the best vacuum cleaner

Choosing a vacuum cleaner can be a real odyssey. Learn the tips and tricks to choose the model that adapts the 100% to your cleaning needs.
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Thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner but don't know which one to choose? What types of vacuum cleaners are there and which is the best for each needs? How to choose the best vacuum cleaner given your personal cleaning circumstances?

It's a fact: a clean house has clean carpets.

But ... how can you ensure that not only your rugs and carpets are impeccable all the time, but also your floors that are impeccable and without a trace of dust?

Whether you love cleaning, or you love rugs (or both), today you will discover how to choose the best vacuum for your needs.

We help you in your search to select the right vacuum cleaner model for you.

How do you know which vacuum to choose?

To discover the suction quality of a specific model, the first step is to know what type of surface it was designed for and how it is manufactured. You should not expect the same result from a robot vacuum cleaner than from a traditional upright vacuum cleaner. Each model has a purpose, as well as a number of advantages and disadvantages.

The main factors that should determine your purchase are the following:

  • How much garbage can you store.
  • How easy it is to maneuver.
  • How much noise it makes.

We know that the ideal would be to be able to test each model in different types of garbage on bare floors, to check if the vacuum cleaner picks up all the waste or if they only move it from one place to another; and against different types of waste: talc, sand or pet hair. This would also give us an idea of how easy it is to maneuver with the device.

Keep in mind that robot vacuum cleaners maneuver themselves, so to know the quality of one of these units, an evaluation would have to be made on its ability to remove dirt and if it can easily access the narrowest corners, between walls and furniture. as well as the time it takes to complete a cleaning cycle.

What type of vacuum cleaners are there?

This step is essential to choose the vacuum cleaner that best suits you, as we will base ourselves on the type of cleaning that we are going to carry out to choose the type of vacuum cleaner that we must purchase.

If you have a rug or your entire floor is covered in carpets, bagged vacuums are a great option.

On the other hand, if you have many stairs, wooden floors or with tiles, the best is a sled vacuum cleaner, since they stand out for being better maneuvering.

Robot vacuum cleaners are ideal for those people who want to forget about cleaning, and want something to vacuum automatically.

Upright vacuum cleaners

They are usually cheaper than sled vacuums and offer a more extensive cleaning line. They are usually good allies with comprehensive carpet cleaning, especially bagless vacuums. They also stand out for being easy to store.

On the other hand, you have to be aware that with one of these devices you will have to push and pull with the full weight of the unit. Their weight is usually around 10 kg, although you can also find them lighter. Upright vacuum cleaners tend to be louder than sled models.

Sled vacuum cleaners

Sled vacuum cleaners are often ideal for cleaning bare floors, stairs, and under furniture. They also include some accessories that make it easy to clean curtains and upholstery, but are also practical against dirt on carpets. They are quiet and can become lighter.

In contrast, sled vacuum cleaners can be bulkier than upright models. Their design also makes them more difficult to store.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

They can be wireless or wired. They are perfect for quickly cleaning any surface or inside the car.

They have less power and their capacity is reduced.

Vacuum robots

Robot vacuum cleaners work while you do other things. In rooms without obstacles they can be ideal to complement your cleaning sessions. The most advanced devices can reach narrow places and avoid obstacles, such as walls, cables and stairs. The most innovative units, such as some Conga vacuum cleaners, can be controlled by smartphone.

However, no robot vacuum cleaner can match the cleanliness offered by other types of vacuum cleaners, such as upright or sled.

What should you take into account before choosing a vacuum cleaner?

The most modern vacuum cleaners can be found in a wide range of designs, shapes and colors. But what matters most is how well they clean. Remember that a type of vacuum cleaner may have features that interest you, but it also has to be able to adapt to your cleaning needs.

Check out the features

Models with a motorized brush offer better results than those that only suction. Keep in mind those models that allow you to adjust their height and their ability to clean other surfaces such as curtains or upholstery.

With bag or without bag?

The advantage of bagless models is that you will not have to spend more money on replacement parts, but you will have to frequently clean your filters or purchase replacement HEPA filters. Emptying your tank can be a concern if you have asthma or allergies.

test it

Although if you buy it online it can be difficult, it is always advisable to go to a store to test the selected model. Push, pull, twist and lift the device to check its ergonomics. Review the controls and their features. Above all, check where it is at the lowest price.

Is it too loud?

Hearing protection is a priority for many vacuum cleaner buyers. Noise can be amplified in echoing rooms or tiled bathrooms.

The essential

Some features improve or eliminate some cleaning tasks, but don't be fooled by the frills. Focus on your cleaning needs and meeting your own quality standards.

Other ways to do it easily

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