How to fix torn stockings

Tired of torn stockings? Learn how to prevent your stockings from ripping and ripping with this list of sewing tips and tricks!
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How to avoid racing in stockings? What to do if your tights or tights suffer a sudden tear? What are the best tips to repair and avoid tears in your favorite stockings quickly?

Surely you have already lived it thousands of times: ready to wear that dress that suits you so well, but when you go to put the stockings ... you discover that it has a hole or race!

All your clothes ruined in a moment ... but, do not throw the stockings in the trash!

At Do It Easily today we teach you the quick tips and tricks that will help you hide, prevent and avoid runs in stockings so that you can show off your beautiful legs with glamor and style.

Below you will discover the best recommendations, among which is the nail polish trick, as well as many others that will surprise you. Even if you dare to use a needle and thread to fix your nylon stockings, we want to offer you simple and straightforward solutions to get your stockings looking like new in record time.

Don't wait any longer and start showing your legs with confidence as soon as possible by following these wise tips!

How to fix a run in stockings

We know how unpleasant it is to run into a race or fault in your favorite leggings. Luckily, now you don't need to know how to sew or own a sewing machine, as we have you covered with a list of efficient tips and tricks that will help you stop those uncomfortable runs in your stockings. You will also learn how to prevent races and some quick fixes for those women who love movement.

There are no more reasons to be scared or upset!

Nail polish method to prevent racing from continuing

A quick fix to combat racing in leggings or tights is to apply some clear nail polish. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Take off your stockings. Then apply the polish around the entire hole or hook, spreading it, approximately half an inch from the damage.
  2. When the nail polish has dried, the hole will be sealed and will prevent further enlargement.
  3. Flip your socks over and repeat the process. Once dry, you can put the stockings back on.
  4. Clever! This way you can prevent the races from continuing to grow in your socks.

Lacquer method to stop tears

Similar to the previous method with nail polish, with hairspray you can also stop a run in your stockings if you do not have nail polish at your disposal.

  1. Take off your stockings. Place your hand inside the stockings to gently stretch the hole against your skin. Try not to tear the fabric further.
  2. Spray the blemish with plenty of hairspray until the entire area is covered. Wait until the hairspray dries.
  3. Flip the stockings over and repeat the process. When it dries, your stockings are ready for you!

How to fix holes in stockings

If the hole in your stockings is considerably large, the lacquer or nail polish may not be enough to regulate them, but… you can sew them very easily! Sewing lycra or nylon may seem intimidating, but we assure you that fixing torn stockings is much easier than you think.

These tips should only be used with socks made with lycra or nylon materials. You can also sew thicker fabrics, such as wool. But if your stockings are supples (like the one used in dance stockings) sewing them can create even more tangles.

  1. Find a thread that matches the color of your stockings.
  2. Using a needle and thread, move around the hole in a clockwise direction. Stitch 12 to 6, 1 to 7, etc.
  3. Repeat the process until the hole is closed. Sewing this way will close the hole evenly for an overall good result.

Other Bonus Tips and Tricks for Fixing Torn Stockings

Although the above methods are safe ways to repair holes and runs in your stockings, there are still some other very effective remedies to fix any problems that arise with your stockings.

  1. Always let your socks air dry. Artificial heat can weaken and damage the elastic in your stockings.
  2. Don't store your socks in wooden drawers. It's a simple trick to avoid runs in your socks.
  3. For black stockings you can use this quick remedy: you can cover the holes with a little black colored painter's tape on the inside of your stockings.
  4. Although this won't cover your run, you can also rub the run with a stick that, when it dries, will prevent the hole from tearing further.
  5. Make sure you buy the right size, as socks that are too small are more prone to tears. Most stockings include height and weight suggestions in the package so you can choose the correct size.

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