How to combine dresses with sneakers

Discover how to get a unique look! These are the best tips for combining your favorite dress with some sports shoes.
Cómo combinar vestidos con zapatillas

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Are you trying to wear a dress with your favorite urban sneakers? Can long-waisted skirts be combined with sports-style shoes? What are the best ideas to get your dresses to wear with sneakers without the result being ridiculous?

Sports shoes go perfectly with jeans and shorts, but… can they be worn with dresses or skirts?

In a way this is the case, as shoes almost always tend to be used for sporting purposes. It is a type of footwear designed for a lively look. Clothing with urban footwear is usually associated with an active lifestyle, but it all depends on the specific set model.

What dresses can you wear with sneakers?

Clothing sets with sports shoes offer the possibility of combining both elements in a separate outfit. A dress can help you feel sublime, comfortable and wonderful, along with urban sneakers, which provide great walking and walking comfort without feeling tired.

It's clear, right? If you want to feel feminine without giving up comfort, you must learn to correctly combine your clothing with your footwear properly. Pay attention to the following tips ...

Forget prejudices!

It is normal that you want to choose your look to highlight your best physical qualities, so it is easy to be tempted to choose a risky combination that mixes skirts or dresses with sports shoes, but there are collateral consequences, since this can visually decrease your height , making your figure look more robust.

Choosing a long dress may be more appropriate, as this option makes tall, slender, long-legged women look much more streamlined. Shorter women can look like teenagers if they wear sneakers, by visually shortening the length of their legs.

What types of urban sneakers can be combined with a dress?

Opt for models away from the classic sportswear. Sports brands today often include this type of footwear in collections of daily lifestyle. You will simply have to distinguish if it is a type of shoe for walking or for physical exercise.

Among the sportswear models that have become very popular among fashion admirers are brands such as Nike, Vans, Converse or Reebok. You can use this type of urban footwear without risk of ridicule.

How to wear slippers with dresses

It is important to know that not everything can be combined with sports shoes. While it is one of the simplest and most accessible combinations, it is always important to consider the context of the style.

You also need to take into account the bag and accessories that reinforce your image. Denim and shirt suits are great allies of this type of combination. The length of the garment also plays a major role, as it can shorten your figure in uneven parts. Especially if you opt for a somewhat cut shoe.

Preserve harmony

Skirts with colorful styles and solid colored urban sneakers are a great option. A drab, pale-hued skirt can also be worn with bright, patterned, and colorful sneakers.

Avoid contrasts

Wedge sneakers and sportswear aren't usually great friends with evening dresses. If you want to wear comfortable shoes without heels, opt for ballerinas or oxfords, never sporty.

Evening outfits are only acceptable when worn in conjunction with a black leather dress and matching colored footwear.

Other ways to do it easily

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