How to clean suede shoes to make them shine

Have your suede shoes got stained but you don't know how to clean them? Find out how to clean suede shoes and make them look like new without fear of damaging them.
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Do you need an effective and simple method to quickly clean your suede shoes? What are the best ways to remove each type of dirt on these types of footwear? Is there a cleaning method for suede shoes that is comfortable and inexpensive but offers extraordinary results?

Suede shoes are the kind of footwear that seems to never go out of style for many years to come. Luckily, there is also a specific method to clean every stain from your suede shoes and make them look like the first day without risk of damaging them.

To this day they are still considered as elegant and quite beautiful shoes that can be worn on almost any occasion.

Many people adore and wish learn to keep these types of shoes and clean them so that you can enjoy them for a long time. If you want to discover how to clean suede shoes at home but in a totally effective way, just keep reading.

Unfortunately, these very special shoes also suffer a very significant deterioration as time goes by, so we have to follow procedures that are responsible for restoring their initial quality.

How to clean any stain from suede shoes

Next we are going to mention some of the most effective tricks to clean suede shoes, trying to put aside any type of chemical that may affect the shape of your shoe or its quality.

Following these simple tips will not make it difficult for you to clean and preserve your suede shoes.

Find out what suede shoes can be cleaned with and enjoy them for a long time to come!

10 ways to clean any type of stain from your suede shoes

Star method: Clean any type of stain

One of the best ways to remove stains or marks that you may have from wear and tear is to use a suede brush. It is very important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to see if it is appropriate to treat it or not with this brush.

It should be used when the shoe is dry to make it easier to remove dirt.

If you run the suede brush over the entire shoe and the stains were not very deep, you will be able to restore its original appearance in less than 10 minutes.

It is important that you always brush in the same direction, rather than in all directions. This will help remove surface dirt or dust stains much more easily without damaging your footwear.

Sometimes the stains more than dirt may be due to wear. In this case, it is best to rub with a brush with a little more intensity than we would normally apply.


Although we must always keep suede shoes protected from water, they can sometimes get wet, despite all the precautions we take.

To remove water stains, what we must do is apply a light amount of water over the entire shoe. We can spread it with a brush. Water can sometimes discolor the fabric of the shoe, but it can also be helpful in removing water stains.

With a small sponge or a piece of cloth, try to absorb the excess water. We must act delicately, passing the cloth over the entire surface but rubbing gently.

If the stains were not very deep, they will not be difficult to remove easily. Once this is done, you must place papers so that they can absorb the rest of the water that remains, and maintain the proper shape of your suede footwear while they finish drying.

Now we just have to be patient and wait for them to dry completely before enjoying them again. Our recommendation is that you let them dry for at least one night. Put them in a dark, cool and dry place, and the next day your suede shoes will be brand new.

Oil or grease

We may not be able to recognize the provenance of some stains on our suede shoes.

Oil stains or stains of unknown origin can seem very difficult to clean, however, with these tips cleaning your shoes will become child's play.

First, use a suede brush and use it to remove wear stains. Then, with a nail brush and a little warm water, try to attack the deeper stains.

Some people recommend using a little cornstarch for fresh oil stains. If you choose this method, you will need to sprinkle a small amount of cornstarch on the surface and wait until the next day. Then use a brush to remove the remains. You can apply a little steam to help you in the process.


To remove mud stains, the best thing we can do is wait until it dries.

When the clay has solidified, it will be very easy to remove the larger pieces of clay. Afterwards, we can use a brush to remove the excess debris. If the brush is not enough, apply a few sprays of water, and try brushing them again.

Wax or gum

If we have had the misfortune to stain our suede shoes with wax or chewing gum, the solution is very simple.

We will have to put the suede shoes in the freezer, and wait a few hours.

After this, we can easily remove any stain using a brush.


If our suede shoes have suffered blood stains, we will have to soak a little cotton in hydrogen peroxide and rub the shoes until the stains disappear.


It can be a drastic case, but it also has a definitive solution.

It is best to act quickly and try to remove the ink just when it falls on our shoes, using a little paper or a towel.

In the event that the ink dries, try using sandpaper to scrape off the ink. In a more extreme case, use a little alcohol on a cotton ball and rub gently on the stains.

Treatment of special stains

Some stains are more difficult to remove, therefore, to clean suede shoes we will need a special nail brush to help us access them.

Try using warm water to achieve this. In the case of oil stains, you can use cornstarch if it has happened recently.

If you have already tried cleaning your suede shoes with any of the above methods but have not achieved the expected results, luckily there is still something else you can try.

White vinegar

Another excellent method that we can use is to apply white vinegar in those areas where the stains resist coming out.

We must apply it using a small wipe and let it dry. Then we will rub the area with the brush to try to eliminate it permanently.


In the event that the brush does not work for certain areas that are very deteriorated, you can use a small knife in order to lift the lint. Execute this process carefully because we don't want to end up piercing the shoe.

Other ways to do it easily

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