11 psychological tricks you can use every day without being noticed


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1. When a person is laughing, they instinctively look at the person they feel is the closest, or the one who wants to be the closest friend.


2. When you are talking to someone, look at their foot. If their foot is pointing in your direction, it means that the person is comfortable with you. Just the opposite.


3. On your first date, take your suitor to an exciting place. This activity will associate the emotion with you.


4. When you meet a new person, try to make them notice their eye color. He will immediately love it because of the eye contact you make and no one will notice that you have used this trick.


5. If you have a public-facing job, place a mirror behind you. This will make the people waiting for your service feel less awkward and boring.


6. If you have a feeling that someone wants to say something bad about you in front of other people, sit next to them. This will neutralize his self-confidence and prevent him from saying something harmful about you, or at least temper the insult.


7. If you feel happy and excited when you meet a special person, there is a high probability that when the two of you see each other again, that special person will feel happy too.


8. In a job interview, imagine the interviewer as a very close friend. Your self-confidence will grow a lot!


9. When talking to a person you just met, using "I think" or "I believe" in a weak voice will make them see you as a person with low self-esteem.


10. Laughing will make you feel like a happier person. Laughing a lot will make the success of your plans, dreams and life more likely.


11. People are not bothered by your flaws as much as you are, which makes them see a 40 % more attractive than you think you are.


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