How to improve concentration

Do you feel that it is impossible for you to concentrate? The 8 surprising tricks to achieve maximum instant concentration.
Cómo mejorar la concentracion

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Do you have a pending task but lack of concentration prevents you from completing it? Does our ability to concentrate really respond to a genetic issue or is there something we can do to improve it? How to avoid losing our concentration to be more productive for a longer time?

Concentration is like a muscle, so it seems logical to think that we need to exercise it to make it more functional and productive, but how do we do this easily, quickly and without getting too tired?

The excellent news is that we can all start training our attention span now, just by following a series of techniques that will instantly improve our concentration levels and, in turn, our overall performance dramatically.

However, as we already know: more is not better, so subjecting our brain to continuous high stress will not only not have the desired effect, but the results will be diminished. Our mind requires rest to recover and return to its optimal level of functioning.

Like muscles or other organs, you cannot be at peak performance for long.

When we have been working without rest for a long time, the level of concentration decreases, interference increases and productivity drops imminently. Therefore, spending more hours working does not mean being more productive, since this is measured by the number of objectives achieved and not by the time spent.

8 ultra-effective ways to achieve maximum concentration

We all want to have the maximum possible concentration to carry out our work in the best way possible. Here we leave you a series of strategies for you to exercise your concentration and be a competent and effective person.

1. Get adequate rest

Make sure you get enough sleep.

Also have a regular sleep schedule. A minimum of 7-8 hours a day is recommended. Concentration requires that your mind be calm and without rest this is not possible. This may be the key to concentrating.

2. Ear plugs

This helps you isolate yourself from outside noise and focus on what you are doing.

We live in a world surrounded by multiple sounds, both from vehicles and from people, so we must learn not to listen to what is outside and begin to hear silence.

3. Meditate from time to time

The practice of meditation requires concentration to disconnect the mind.

A daily period of meditation gives us the opportunity to work specifically on concentration techniques. The mind is like a wild animal in which we play the role of tamers and when we do it the lion turns into a sweet kitten.

4. Eat balanced and healthy

Eating light, healthy meals can help you maximize your ability to concentrate.

It is important to ingest the nutrients your body needs for proper function. Keep in mind that the body is a machine that is in continuous activity, so it is important to give it the fuel it needs.

5. Plan your boarding routine

Plan and order the tasks you have to do.

Put them in order of priority choosing the most important and the least relevant. If we know exactly what we have to do and how, the task becomes easier. Good planning will help us avoid stress, rush and obstacles that may arise. Our approach will be more appropriate when it comes to tackling each task successfully.

6. Exercise moderately

The ability to concentrate depends a lot on your physical well-being.

If we are healthy and have endurance and physical strength, it will be easier for us to concentrate on doing something than if, on the contrary, we feel tired, sick or afflicted. Exercise allows us to clear the mind and feel more liberating and that will help us increase our attention when we require it.

7. One thing at a time

If you go from one place to another and start a task before finishing the previous one, you are telling your brain that it is okay to move from one topic to another, in addition to not finishing any of them.

When you start something, continue with it until you finish it, it does not matter that it is only an action, the important thing is that you dedicate 100% of your attention to it.

8. Get out of bed

Work at a workplace.

The area where you work is the place where you concentrate and if you do it in bed, being the place where you sleep, you will be subconsciously associating that it is time to sleep. That won't help you stay focused, it will help make you sleepy.

The reality is that there are several ways to achieve a higher level of concentration. Although everyone can have their own techniques, how about trying any of these tips to see if you can focus at once?

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