How to get a radiant complexion

What are the most effective tricks to achieve an extraordinary complexion? We tell you the best beauty secrets to renew your complexion.
Cómo conseguir un cutis muy radiante

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Do you want to improve the appearance of your complexion? What are the short and long-term benefits of properly caring for the skin on our face? Is there anything we can do to go one level further when it comes to facial care? What is the secret to achieving a perfect complexion without having to invest too much effort or money?

Pimples, warts, spots, blackheads, dryness, wrinkles… there are many things that a person must deal with to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

A glowing face is much more than a pretty face, and so that our skin can show its maximum splendor, it is necessary to start by giving it the treatment it deserves.

Many people are desperately searching for the beauty secrets that will allow them to achieve shiny, elastic and smooth skin from minute one.

But what you eat, the stress you are subjected to in your day to day and even your mood, are just some of the many factors, they are the main responsible for the state of your skin.

The golden rules for a healthy and beautiful complexion

There are many reasons why our skin can be exposed to situations that weaken and damage it, such as a night out or an intense joranda at work.

Despite this, not everyone knows how to wash, protect and care for the skin on your face, since they do not have the time or desire to learn or do it, in such a way that this task is postponed forever.

However, with these simple tips you will be able to maintain and improve the health and appearance of your skin quickly and affordably.

Always remove all makeup

For the skin to breathe properly, it is essential to remove every last trace of makeup before going to sleep.

To prevent makeup from clogging our pores and thereby preventing proper perspiration of our skin, the recommendation is that you always make sure to remove all makeup before getting into bed.

Doing so is very simple, since there are some very effective cleaners on the market. If you do not have one of these products, you can use a little olive oil on a cotton ball and massage your face so that all the dirt disappears.

Exfoliation is also a very practical process. If we do it once or twice a week we will be able to eliminate the layers of dead skin so that it always looks healthy and shiny.

A natural and very affordable way to exfoliate our skin is achieved by mixing a powdered walnut paste with yogurt. The properties of the walnut help both in cleaning and in the final appearance of your skin.

Take into account the sun

The protective cream is useful to prevent UVA and UVB rays from hitting our skin.

Since long exposure to the sun's rays can result in pimples, warts, blemishes, and other similar problems, your best option is to be prepared with extra protection.

The most respectful protective creams with your skin are those that do not have acnegenic or comedogenic, while we will avoid clogging pores and reduce the probability of blackheads arising.

Radiation from the sun exists included when it is cloudy or cold. Although it is true that in places like the beach or in snowy areas the sun acts more strongly, it is best to always use it and increase its protection before exposing ourselves to specific situations.


Hydration is as important to your skin as it is to your survival. It is important to drink the water that our body needs so that everything works as it should. It is recommended to drink about two liters a day, but only you can know how much water you need. The essential thing is to avoid dehydration.

Fruits such as melon, cucumbers, oranges, strawberries or grapes contain a large amount of water that helps keep hydration in balance.

Rose water helps prevent eye puffiness in the morning, and works to maintain pH balance and hydrates the skin naturally.

Specific care

For our skin to stay healthy we must not only free it from stress, but we must expose it to situations that favor its condition.

For this you can prepare your homemade mask with fresh cherries and apply it for 15 minutes before bedtime. Rinse it with plenty of water and you will be able to observe the changes the next day.

Another trick to give advanced care to the skin of our face is to perform a facial massage with the appropriate oil. Depending on the type of skin you have, you will need to use mustard, coconut or almond oil. These in particular are really nutritious, ideal to use when we want to relax. Just rinse after 20 minutes and your skin will be spectacular.

Currently it is possible to find cosmetics and facial supplements that offer great results. On the market there are lotions, creams and ointments for all kinds of circumstances:

  • Remove spots and scars
  • Hydrate
  • Fight acne, warts and pimples
  • Lighten the skin
  • Treat cellulite

Today we know the multiple benefits of using Campana ointment.

The Campana ointment offers a multitude of advantages over other types of ointments, and guarantees results in several dimensions:

  • Lightens the skin
  • Exfoliates
  • Moisturizes skin and lips
  • Relieves pain and stinging
  • Rejuvenates

The use of Campana ointment has registered positive effects on a huge diversity of cases, among which we find from scars or stretch marks, to insect bites. You can see all the uses of the hood ointment here.

Watch your diet

Not only is it important to eat the right amount, but we must also worry about eating the correct variety, so that this influences not only our health, but also the physical aspect of our body.

Fruits and vegetables, along with vitamins and proteins, make up the building blocks of a healthy diet. Whereas if we increase vitamin C and reduce fats and sugars we will be contributing to have a radiant skin.

Spicy and fermented foods, as well as fried foods, citrus fruits or salt do not promote a good skin, so it is more beneficial to opt for rice or cereals.

Physical exercise

Frequent exercise, such as running, cycling, yoga or going to Zumba classes allow your body the correct circulation of blood, at the same time that it favors the cleaning process of the whole body.

As soon as you start exercising, you start to notice a healthier and brighter complexion.

To improve results, you can exfoliate after your exercise session with a little olive oil or shea butter to help hydrate your skin.

Sleep enough

Your skin gets as tired as you do, so it is essential to sleep about 8 hours so that you can regain all your vitality.

You can also apply a little honey on your skin a couple of times a week to help the skin on your face heal.

The best time to cleanse and hydrate your face is just before going to sleep. For dry skin, alcohol-free medium cleansers work great. Applying an appropriate amount of moisturizer and avoiding hot water are the keys so that our skin never becomes excessively dry.

Adopt healthy habits

Do not get saturated and try to take it all more calmly. Have you noticed that when you stress this also affects your dermis?

Stress is the cause of cortisol and other hormones that make the skin more oily. The best way to combat stress is by:

Face exercises are also helpful to improve your appearance. They only take 5 minutes of our time and we can do them anywhere. The technique consists of making the lower lip protrude so that our chin is wrinkled and, then, bringing the chin closer to the chest.

Another exercise involves stretching the facial muscles while looking at the ceiling. Your face will be much smoother and more beautiful in no time!

Other ways to do it easily

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