How to see results in the gym sooner than you think

Cómo ver resultados en el gimnasio antes de lo que imaginas

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Just starting out but perceive the gym as a hostile and intimidating place? How long does it take to see improvements in the gym? What are the exact steps to speed up the process and start enjoying the benefits of the gym?

There are many reasons to go to the gym - to lose weight, improve fitness, or de-stress - but it can be intimidating to go for the first time.

If you've been going for a while, you're probably wondering how much longer you have to wait to start seeing results.

It does not matter if you do your workouts in a gym or if you exercise on your own: the important thing is to know that the results will come, but for this you must develop effective and safe training habits that help you have the success you are looking for.

How to be successful in the gym?

When they start hitting the gym, many people are tempted to go every day in the hope of accelerating results, but usually this only serves to overwhelm them and quickly give up if you ever lose your routine. It's best to set how many days you are going to the gym in order to set realistic goals. You can gradually increase the frequency of your workouts as it becomes a habit naturally.

You can start by going one or two days a week, so you will get used to it without being overwhelmed. Although you can also go every other day, to be able to rest in the middle.

The clothing you wear also plays an important role. Opt for clothes that facilitate training and allow perspiration. Clothing made of polyester or nylon is a great option for going to the gym.

Always carry a bottle of water to accompany you. It is important to maintain hydration during workouts, so a plastic bottle is an easy option to achieve this.

Dehydration can deplete your workouts and increase your risk of injury. Water acts as fuel for your body, so drinking is crucial to function.

How to always warm up before starting

Doing physical warm-ups for about 10 minutes will help you prevent injuries during your workout. Get in the habit of warming up first when you go to the gym. This way you will be totally in a position to start your training.

How to mix aerobic and anaerobic exercises

Limiting yourself to the types of exercise is one of the biggest mistakes gym novices often make. Take advantage of both weight machines and cardiovascular exercise machines, which together with free weights will help you maintain a balanced workout.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are those that put your body to work to strengthen your heart, lungs and lose fat efficiently to get a flatter and firmer stomach. Some examples of these exercises are:

  • Running on the treadmill
  • Use the elliptical
  • Use the exercise bike
  • Using the rowing machine

Anaerobic exercises

Although you can start with exercises that use your own weight in the beginning, you can soon move to using machines with weights and free weights in the gym. Exercises that use your own weight can prepare you in advance before moving on to more advanced exercises. Among the most popular exercises that use your own weight are:

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Plates

Most gyms have free weights that you can add to your routine to reinforce it. The dumbbells and bars will be useful to perform more effective exercises when building muscle. Start with those light ones that are easy to lift, and gradually work your way up to heavier weights. Some of the most famous exercises with weight include:

  • Dead weight
  • Bicep curls
  • Bench press

Along with free weights, you can use machines to make muscle building much easier if you use them properly. If you are interested in doing a specific exercise but you are not sure how to do it, it is best to ask a professional for advice who will show you the correct technique.

With the above tips, you will not only be able to see results as soon as possible, but you will also ensure that your experience in the gym is positive without the risk of injury.

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