How to know if I am pregnant: Find out now if you are expecting a baby

Como saber si estoy embarazada

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Do you suspect that you have been able to get pregnant? What are the unmistakable symptoms that will help you know if you are pregnant? In case of being pregnant… what is the next step?

There are two possibilities:

  1. That you are trying to conceive a baby voluntarily.
  2. That you are not sure if you are pregnant even though you think you are.

In any case, you are probably looking at any signal coming from your body that helps you to find out if you really are in this state.

Through this article you will be able to know the main most frequent symptoms present in the first phases of a human pregnancy that will allow you to make a more exact approximation of your own case.

Can I know if I am pregnant without taking a pregnancy test?

We already anticipate that the only way if you are pregnant is to go to a medical consultation, so if you meet some or all of these symptoms, we recommend that you visit as soon as possible.

In addition, whether the results are positive or negative and you still have doubts, it is advisable to go to the doctor so that he can be in charge of confirming the diagnosis.

However, it may still be too early to show up in common pregnancy tests but you are still pregnant.

Although we will not be able to know this as soon as conception has occurred, there are certain symptoms that can answer the question that haunts your head so much: How do I know if I am pregnant?

The star method to know if you are pregnant

The pregnancy test is, without a doubt, one of the most popular ways to know if we are pregnant. Its about a process:

  • Fast: In just a few minutes you will get the result.
  • Cheap: You can buy it in pharmacies for very little money.
  • Painless: It is just a urinalysis that determines your status.

And it is that its effectiveness is born its success, since with a pregnancy test we will be able to know just one week after having a menstrual delay with a high success rate if we are truly pregnant with a high reliability index.

This test can be found in pharmacies and consists of a urine test that will help us determine in a few minutes if it is truly you are expecting a child.

It is a completely painless test, which detects the hormones in the urine to render its verdict. The more sensitive the test, the lower the concentration of hCG it can detect.

Instructions to know if you are pregnant without a pregnancy test

I am aware that there are women who want to know if they are pregnant earlier.

There are some very effective ways to know if you are pregnant within days of having sex, but remember that only a doctor can fully diagnose your condition.

Below you can read the indications to know if you got pregnant without taking any pregnancy test.

You have had a late period

The star symptom of those women who suspect they are pregnant.

As is known, fertile women have menstrual cycles of approximately 28 days. In any case, if you have had intercourse and suffer from a late period, then there is a high probability that it is a pregnancy.

Remember! If a week has passed since your period should have come down and it has not, you can now take a pregnancy test.

Your food preferences have been altered

It is what are commonly known as cravings.

The natural hormonal changes in pregnant women tend to cause changes between the foods you like and the foods that you disgust. As soon as you love ice cream, as fast as you hate it. If this happens to you with any food, and something that you liked to eat a lot before and now you hate it, or vice versa, it is because, possibly, you are pregnant.

You have suffered a sudden loss of energy

Do you feel tired and downcast?

You may be interested to know that the hormonal alterations typical of pregnancy require great energy that makes it normal if you are pregnant that you feel weak and low spirited.

Your breast sensitivity has changed

This symptom appears very early (sometimes in just 2 weeks after having the intimate relationships that led to fertilization).

This pain is usually generated due to the changes that your breasts are undergoing, and that is why they are much more sensitive than usual. Although it is not a clear symptom, it is usually common that if you suspect that you are pregnant and after a few days you notice greater sensitivity in your breasts, it is because you are probably pregnant.

You feel a headache and irritability

Think that the hormones in your body are revolutionized and that is why the bloodstream is increased. Because of this, severe headaches may occur.

You suffer from nausea, dizziness and / or fainting

Each one is different, so all, none, or all of these symptoms may occur.

They can be temporary nausea or they can lead to vomiting, it will depend on each woman. However, if you notice that they suddenly increase, it may be an indication that you are really expecting a child.

If you suffer from fainting or fainting it is also a clue to discern if you are pregnant, since precisely due to an increase in the bloodstream, the body may need more energy and do not have it, leading to fainting. These symptoms are usually frequent in pregnant women, so as soon as a doctor diagnoses that you are really pregnant, they will give you a treatment.

You have intestinal problems

If you are pregnant, you will have all the hormones in constant change, food will move much slower through your digestive system.

The combination of these symptoms is almost unequivocal reason that you are pregnant. From constipation you will be able to intuit if you are pregnant in a very simple way.

Remember that a doctor has the last word, so whether you are really pregnant or if you think you can be, it is best to go to your medical center so that they can carry out a comprehensive study.

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