How to choose your baby's name: 3 steps to find the perfect one

Is the day of his birth approaching but you still don't know what his name will be like? Don't wait any longer and find out right now the name you will give your precious baby!
Cómo elegir el nombre de tu bebe

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There is no doubt: motherhood is a process as exciting as it is unknown.

Admit it, since you received the great news that you are going to have a baby, your life has changed forever, although if it is your first baby the excitement may be even greater.

You start to think about whether it is a boy or a girl, what clothes you will buy for it and you imagine yourself going for a walk together to the park or taking it to daycare, but many times the first responsibility that many parents from all over the world face comes on time to choose the best name for your baby.

Traditionally, names were passed from generation to generation, so the task of deciding which one to choose was not that difficult to carry out, since everything was given. However, today this has changed and the options are much greater. We live in a very modern world where what really matters is originality and good taste, so choosing the name of a child is not something that we all have the same facility for.

If you prefer a traditional name, surely you already know what you are going to call your child. On the other hand, if you've chosen to put aside the idea of giving your offspring a boring name, then I have good news for you.

Step-by-step instructions to find the perfect name for your baby

Given the number of names that exist today, knowing what name to give your future child does not seem like an easy task at first glance. Luckily, by following a few simple steps, we will go a long way in our quest and narrow down to a few finalist names for your creature.

Just open a note on your mobile phone, and get started right now!

Step 1: Any name is good until you find a better one

In no case does the name have to be the definitive one, until it is born you have time to change your mind. So, you can take advantage of all this time to find the name that you definitely like the most.

The goal here is to make as long a list as you can. Find names that sound good to you and that seem pretty to your child. Even if you do not know if it is going to be male or female, you will also find many unisex names.

To start making your list you can:

Think about your environment

Think of family and friends who seem to you to stand out in some quality. Many times we choose the name because of the link we have with someone we know and who is called that. Remember that a name is something very special, so thinking about our loved ones can be a huge source of inspiration when listing candidate names.

Think of movies, television series or books.

Using fictional names is in fashion. And it is that clearly, there are many movie characters or novels that have inspired many moms and dads to find the inspiration of a name.

Thinking of a celebrity or historical person

Such is the admiration that many parents feel towards some public or very famous person that they do not hesitate to call their children the same. There are beautiful names among the most popular characters of all time. You can take a look at our History of Recent Times to find one that catches your eye.

Think in other languages

In such a globalized world, it makes no sense to look at our navel. Soaking up names from other cultures is a great idea to find an original name for your baby.

Search the Internet

No one can deny that on the internet we find an almost infinite source of information, among which are very interesting names that would never have occurred to us. There are some pages where you can find a huge variety of incredible names for your expected baby.

Step 2: Review your list

Once you have enough names (about 20 or 30 are usually enough), it is time to start the review.

It is not about discarding the ones you like least, but about enhancing your list one step further.

From the names you already have, you may come up with new ideas for other names. Do not rule out any option for the moment, since perhaps one more will occur to you in a while.

You can also use combinations. Although compound names are losing popularity, it is true that two short names may be better than one.

Make your list with names here: http://significadodenombres.wiki

Step 3: Select your child's name

Once you consider that you cannot think of more names, or because the day of delivery is approaching, it is time for us to know for sure what your baby's name will be. If not, at least reduce your options to 2 or 3, but do not delay your decision too much, since when it is born, you will not want to be thinking about this.

It may take a couple of weeks or just a few days. This depends solely on ourselves and our ability to carry it out.

Choosing a name for your baby may seem overwhelming at first, but don't worry, as little by little, you will be discarding names until you are left with a single favorite.

Other ways to do it easily

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