How to assemble a custom fireplace door

Are you one of those who think that changing the fireplace door is something complicated? Enter and immediately discover that this is not so.
Cómo cambiar la puerta de tu chimenea

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Changing the fireplace door is usually a task that we do not do much but that, when the time comes, it is inevitable to ask some preliminary questions.

For this reason, when we find ourselves in the situation of wanting to install a new door in our fireplace, the reality is that we can feel somewhat disoriented.

However, there are always some minimums that every self-respecting fireplace door must meet. Ignore models that do not have the following and focus well on them to find the best door for your fireplace.

What should your next fireplace door offer yes or yes?

We are not always aware of the demands that we must look for in new products that we are going to buy imminently. This is especially noticeable in those who underestimate the utility and great need for a high quality door for our fireplace.

We must necessarily focus our search on a door that meets the following:

  • Safety. It is the first factor that should concern us. A good door should prevent flames from escaping and nothing from entering the fireplace. In addition, it must be made of good materials that withstand high temperatures well and guarantee its correct operation over time.
  • Comfort. We don't want a door that burns to the touch or doesn't fit our decorating style. Although the options are varied in the market, only a few will perfectly fit your standards of design and functionality. It will result from this that the experience with the door will be satisfactory for a long time.
  • Easy installation. This is a very interesting question, since until very recently, carrying out any renovation in our house was not always something that we all knew how to do, luckily, now everything is much easier.
    Not only is a greater volume of information available on how to do countless things, but now we can install a door for our fireplace in a clean and comfortable way.

The good thing about assembling your fireplace door yourself

There are those who believe that they need to be a handyman before changing the door of your fireplace. However, below I will tell you a series of reasons that will convince you why changing the door of your fireplace yourself is the best option today.

However, remember at all times that in the market you will find a multitude of alternatives, but in any case, custom doors for fireplaces are the ones that offer the best results.

You don't need experience

Contrary to what it may seem, the process of installing a fireplace door is clear and very concise. You only need a few tools that we all usually have at home, such as a drill, Ø bits. 10 mm, a 13 mm spanner (although a wrench would also do the trick), and a silicone applicator gun.

The result is usually spectacular even in the case of the most novice. You will surprise yourself what you are capable of!

You can do it in no time

A great advantage of changing your fireplace door yourself is that in a few minutes you can have everything ready, plus you will hardly stain anything.

It is the cheapest option you will find

It's obvious but it had to be said. If you already have the materials, then you can get on hand as soon as possible. Even if you don't have the required tools, doing it yourself will almost always make the operation more profitable.

If you're like a 99 % of people and looking for an easy, fast and cheap way to replace your fireplace door, the conclusion seems obvious.

Installing your new fireplace door

If you definitely think that you are someone capable of changing your own fireplace door, then you will be interested in following what is the most effective process that allows you to achieve it.

1. Get a door for your fireplace

This step is elementary, we just have to worry about finding a door that fits perfectly with our requirements. The design and size options are varied, as well as the quality of it.

2. Prepare all materials

It is something that you will want to do before starting, since if you do not do it you will not opt for good results. Most of the time it is a few things that we will need, so make sure you have the toolbox close by.

3. Mount the fireplace door

The most important part of everything arrives. This is where the success or failure of our project is decided, so having good assembly instructions is crucial to obtain extraordinary results.

4. Let it dry

You won't be able to use the fireplace right away, since the putty needs to dry for 24 hours. Come back the next day to check that everything has gone perfectly.

The reality is that installing a fireplace door is not something as complex as it may seem at first glance that we can do without the need for great efforts.

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