How to correct your teeth without anyone noticing

Thinking of "fixing your mouth" and have you heard that there is a method that is not seen? Invisible orthodontics have become popular for its effectiveness in correcting your teeth without anyone noticing. Find out now!
Cómo corregir los dientes con ortodoncia invisible

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Thinking about correcting your teeth and are you interested in knowing more about invisible orthodontics? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of system that places the teeth in place without damaging your aesthetics? What do I need to know before starting a clear aligner treatment, what results can I expect to see and how long would it take to see improvements?

Invisible orthodontics is one of the most popular and revolutionary methods of recent times. The treatment with transparent alienants offers you an estimate of the final result and will allow you to correct the position of your teeth with great comfort.

Invisible aligners are so famous for having a much easier treatment than with traditional braces. This type of orthodontics is available for both adults and adolescents.

Its main advantage? That it is invisible to the eyes, or hardly noticeable. Nevertheless… Currently, we can find two types of invisible orthodontics.

The clear aligners are shaped like your teeth and adapt perfectly to your teeth to make the required corrections. The only requirement is that the patient is under treatment all day, except during meals.

They are exchanged approximately every two weeks for a new set. It is a very aesthetic method and also very comfortable. You can take them off and put them on when you decide. In addition, you do not have to think about pain either, since this system adapts to the millimeter in your mouth.

Intralingual orthodontics differ from traditional orthodontics in that the brackets are placed on the inside of the teeth, making it really invisible.

Can I expect the same results as with traditional orthodontics?

Today it could be said that it is. It would be correct to admit that invisible orthodontics offers the same results as traditional ones.

With the transparent orthodontic system you can correct teeth in the same way as metal braces would, although the process could be somewhat slower than with the conventional method.

The number of alienators you need will vary from the treatment your orthodontist applies, so the time will also depend on the type of correction you require. Intralingual orthodontics has a duration similar to that of the usual braces, so you should expect the results for a similar date.

Invisible orthodontics can be a very appropriate alternative for most cases. However, it will be your orthodontist who will evaluate and recommend the system that best suits you.

What should I ask in the consultation before deciding to start an invisible orthodontic treatment?

There are several things that should go on your list of questions the day you visit your dentist. In addition to answering any questions you may have about the treatment or procedure, the clinic will also be able to tell you:

  1. If the initial consultation is free.
  2. If there is a flexible payment plan.
  3. If they have a 0% of interest available.
  4. If they have treatments of € 1,500 or less.

The cost may vary depending on the type of treatment you need. Each treatment is personalized. This is the average price that your invisible orthodontic treatment could cost.

Advantages of choosing orthodontics with transparent aligners

Among other benefits, a dentist often recommends that most patients opt for invisible alienates, whenever possible, for these simple benefits:

Is invisible

No eye will see it! Only you and your dentist will know what is happening.

It is removable

One of the great benefits of this type of orthodontics is that you can pause the treatment to give yourself a comprehensive toothbrush.

It is comfortable and elegant

They adapt perfectly to your mouth, so the discomfort will be minimal.

Is predictive

Innovative 3D techniques offer an accurate visual estimate of how your teeth will look at the end of the treatment.

For those looking for a dentist, make sure that a large part of the success of their orthodontic treatments is not only due to the fact that removable aligners are more comfortable and aesthetic than other systems, but that they also offer exquisite results similar to traditional methods. .

How long do I have to wait to see results?

The treatment time will be different if you use invisible aligners or intralingual orthodontics. In addition, it can also affect the type of malocclusion and complexity of your case.

How to start a treatment with invisible aligners?

Find a dentist

You can go to your dentist forever and consult him about this type of orthodontics. If your usual clinic does not offer this type of invisible treatment, you can consult right there at

Evaluation case

It will be in the first consultations and it will serve to make you a study and where it will teach you a forecast of the final result.

Start your treatment

When your dental aligners are ready, your dentist will quote you and explain some tips for using and cleaning it.

Transparent alienators faq

Now we will review some of the questions that many patients usually ask in their first consultation before undergoing orthodontic treatment. We recommend that you take a look at them and ask your doctor to give you any information you need.

How many hours a day should I wear the dental aligners?

It is advisable to wear them between 21 and 22 hours a day. Your dentist will give you a new set of alienators that you should only remove during meals and drinks, or for washing.

How are they cleaned?

An optimal way to keep your alienators clean is by brushing with lukewarm water. It is also advisable to brush your teeth after each meal and before resuming treatment.

Does it affect the way you speak?

In principle there should be no problem speaking. However, it may take some time to get used to it. They are so thin that in the end it is as if you are not wearing anything.

Can you eat during treatment?

Of course you can! You just need to remove the alienators every time you want to eat or drink.

How much does an invisible orthodontic treatment cost?

The price of the treatment depends on each orthodontist. You need to ask in your query.

How do I find a dentist who performs invisible orthodontic treatments?

You can ask someone who has done such a treatment or go to a dentist in your local area. You can also look on the internet.

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