How to become a true fashion eminence

What to do to learn everything about fashion? Today we review the best tips that can catapult you directly to the best fashion catwalks.
Cómo convertirse en una verdadera eminencia de la moda

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Do you dream of working alongside fashion stars? Do you follow their styles closely and want to create a professional career that allows you to share your own styles? What really separates fashion people from you?

Becoming a fashion expert is easier and simpler than you think. The biggest difference between you and them has one simple word: trust.

The people who parade with poise and style on catwalks all over the world used to be just people like you or me. Before making your dreams come true.

Find out what you can do too to be able to join them and learn everything about fashion. You just need to keep a few things in mind.

Learn how fashion has evolved

The development of the fashion industry is an essential knowledge if you want to participate in this sector. The current fashion patterns have nothing to do with those of a few years ago.

Fashion designers constantly strive to create new trends day after day. Dive into this data and try to find the golden rules that have persisted over time.

Soak up the language of fashion

Like any other art or science, fashion also has its own vocabulary, words, and style.

Learn the idioms of fashion. Familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of fashion to study fashion design in depth and thus quickly gain more knowledge.

eye! This also does not mean that you need to bombard others with a heavy vocabulary. Simple is always better.

Discover the new trends

You can access magazines and online content for the latest fashion trends. Magazines like Vogue or Elle are essential to uncover the complexities of fashion.

Try to find out why some styles succeed, while others go unnoticed. Investing in research will always pay off.

Share your fashion creations

You can make sketches and post them on your blog. Draw outfits that fit the sizes of different types of people, making sure to take into account the various sizes and shapes of the body.

Create a distinctive collection

Your wardrobe should be full of clothes that are comfortable and that make you feel great. If the clothes are of a different size, it may generate some insecurity. Feel the security of wearing clothing that increases your own security!

Harness the power of color

You can enhance your look by selecting additional accessories such as scarves, necklaces, glasses, rings, bracelets, earrings ... But these should complement your look, so avoid it if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Have common sense

You can try using less common designs, with new cuts, colors and shapes. It's about experimenting with your style of dress without being afraid to try something totally different.

Go for quality

Invest in clothes that fit you well, but are also high-quality. You don't want the color of your clothes to fade after every wash.


Develop your own unique style. Start following others, but little by little you can start to create new trends. Trust yourself and choose designs that enhance all that trust that already exists within you.

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