How to get happier customers through happier employees

More happy customers? If possible. Find out how happier employees can make your customers feel the same with these simple tips.
Cómo conseguir clientes más felices mediante unos empleados más felices

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Are you a business leader and do you agree that the key to any business is a constant stream of satisfied customers? Do you want to discover how to get more customers willing to pay for the products and services that your business offers? What to do to keep customers coming back again and again?

The secret to getting happy customers who want to come back non-stop? Focus on employee happiness first.

It's very easy to understand: happier employees have an impact on customer happiness, as more engaged employees are likely to improve customer relationships, which will have a positive impact on bottom line.

It's about achieving high customer service through investment in employees. Thus. Those companies that dominate the customer experience stand out for the number of employees committed to offering an outstanding experience to each customer.

Among the initiatives that can help a company adopt a more employee-centric culture, we find:

Offers significant business development

Employees want to feel that there is an opportunity to advance within the organization they work for. Make them feel like they have options and how they can activate them. If they feel they have a strong career to come, they will be inclined to offer a service to clients that pays off for long-term goals.

Make training part of the culture

Once again we talk about the career development of employees. Employees want to acquire new skills that make them more successful in their current position and potentially lead them toward advancement. Offer continuous trainings that educate and train your employees towards new skills, because they are the ones that dazzle the customer in their interactions.

Show employees they have support

The interaction between leaders and employees is essential to embed the lessons learned in the training and coaching sessions. Feedback and praise are key to making employees feel like they are making a difference. Good managers are those capable of creating a healthy, caring, and nurturing work environment that will help cultivate those organizational leaders who will end up dealing with the overall customer experience.

Create an entertaining work environment

Fun does not always mean party (although some type of social event can affect the happiness of the workers). Even those companies with a solid structure can leave room to create a positive environment where employee fun is also a part. It is about proclaiming a fun but fulfilling work environment. For employees to feel good, they need to feel fulfilled about their employment within the company, feel that their talents are unique, and that their talents drive the business to success. They should be excited about what the next product, the next project, or just the next day is and what will bring. Small details can make the workspace a more enjoyed place that influences the level of service and the patience that employees deliver to customers.

Offer awards and recognition

Behind a productive work environment is the recognition of a job well done by employees. With a rewards program where leaders recognize the best employees for their work through gifts, details or business gifts  it can boost camaraderie. You can go further and have workers nominate the best performing employee. These awards strengthen customer service interactions as well as serve as an example for others. Plus, it motivates them to go the extra mile in providing excellent customer service.

On the web you can find countless business gifts where the company can place its logo and then give it to those employees who want to recognize their excellent performance.

The idea of focusing on employees is not new, as it has already been written about it countless times. But it doesn't hurt to remember it either, even with a new perspective.

Focusing on employee satisfaction and, consequently, you will impact what makes customers truly happy. Remember that what happens within the company is also perceived from the customer's side.

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