How to get perfect hair effortlessly

Getting healthy and shiny hair is very simple! Learn the tricks that professionals use and be amazed by the spectacular results on your hair.
Cómo conseguir un pelo perfecto

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Do you want stronger, healthier and shinier hair? What are the tricks that hairdressers use to achieve such spectacular results? What to do to keep your hair in perfect condition without too much difficulty?

Whoever wants shinier and healthier hair should raise their hands.

We all love to have perfect hair, but after a long summer bathing in the salty sea water, the humidity and heat can wreak havoc on your hair.

With these simple recommendations, you will be able to recover the best version of the appearance of your hair. Just keep reading.

Learn to wash your hair properly

Although you can almost always follow the manufacturer's instructions, you can also try rinsing your hair with water and then applying a small amount of sulfate-free shampoo from the roots with a gentle massage. Then apply the conditioner from the middle to the ends and rinse again with water after a few minutes.

Dry it with a towel and you will get shiny hair in a few minutes.

If you have colored hair, use a toner and your hair will look shiny right after you wash it.

Use a rinse from time to time

If you have oily hair, this will make it stay shiny for a very short time. Despite all the products you can use, hair gets greasy in our day-to-day lives and this may need some extra help. Clarifying shampoos can help, leaving your hair fresh and shiny.

Be careful not to overuse it. Once a week is enough.

Do not abuse the sprays and opt better for argan oil

If you use too much cosmetics on your hair, you may be punishing it more than necessary. Many spray products can give your hair a spectacular finish in the short term, but to ensure a healthy practice of its care, it is best to opt for argan oils, which will not only make it look brighter, but will also improve its texture. Doing it is very simple: apply a little argan oil, and you will quickly see the results.

Massage your head with some vitamin E

The next time you visit the salon or a grocery store, be sure to buy a bottle of vitamin E capsules.

Using it as a step prior to your usual washing will help your hair to remain healthy and with a more resistant, shiny and healthy appearance.

Use a natural bristle brush

Using a natural bristle brush is a must if you want your hair to stay in perfect condition.

With its help, you will be able to drag every last trace of natural fats, from the roots to the ends, giving your hair that shiny appearance, while improving its volume, if you have fine hair.

Eat omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 acids are especially beneficial for your hair. The best? That you can find it in a multitude of foods: from eggs and sardines to salmon, they are good carriers of large amounts of these healthy fats.

Try a conditioner

Conditioners are very affordable and give you shiny, glowing hair with almost no effort.

You can buy them anywhere and the results are extraordinary!

Try heat activated products

If you usually use the dryer, the iron or the tweezers regularly, it is essential to dedicate some effort to protect your hair. Although it is not that they will destroy your hair, it is advisable to take some precautions.

Before using the iron or dryer, you may want to apply a protective product, depending on your hair type.

Wear a night mask

There is nothing that a good rest does not fix. This includes your hair.

Using a mask at night will make your hair look shinier and healthier, without you having to do too much.

In particular, coconut oil can help you with this. You just have to apply it with a nice massage before going to sleep, making sure to thoroughly impregnate your hair from root to tip and leave it on overnight while you sleep.

Wash it off with shampoo and finish with a conditioner. 100 % Results Guaranteed!

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