How to undergo a hair graft treatment in Turkey

Hair grafts are here to stay. And Turkey is the country par excellence where these interventions are carried out for a simple reason.
Cómo someterse a un tratamiento de injerto capilar en Turquía

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Thinking of undergoing a hair graft treatment? Why is Turkey such a popular country for hair transplant issues? What are the best recommendations when it comes to a hair graft?

Turkey is the mecca of hair transplants.

Although there are many countries where these all-inclusive treatments are offered, there are many people looking for "hair graft Turkey" or "hair graft treatments in Turkey". The reality is that it is now when hair grafts are having their greatest role.

It is not that medical tourism is something new, but that its popularity is basically due to its low cost and high demand: hair loss is no longer a problem nowadays. However, if hair grafts are so famous in Turkey, it is certainly not simply because of an economic issue.

Why is Turkey trending when it comes to hair grafting?

While it is not simply a matter of money, there are a few reasons why Turkey is the country of choice for hair grafts.

Extraordinary medical experience

Turkey stands out for being a very experienced country in the hair field. Without much effort you can find hundreds of hair implant clinics and health hospitals that offer these services.

In addition to great professionals, there are also some with a huge reputation and a good number of years that endorse their work.

Very attractive conditions

Turkey has gone to great lengths to promote this type of tourism. It offers subsidies to clinics that are dedicated to fact and have created tax-free zones for foreigners who want to treat their hair problems exclusively here, which translates into increased efforts to offer impeccable service.

All in one

This is the main reason why Turkey is the direct destination for hair transplants: the comprehensive service.

There are airlines that are responsible for taking patients from their country of origin to Turkey and returning them. They also have private drivers who transport the patient from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the clinic, and also back to the airport. Everything so that the patient can perform their hair graft treatment without any worry of moving around the city!

How to face a hair graft treatment in Turkey

Find out how much it will cost you

Although many of the clinics that offer hair graft treatments include transportation, the flight ticket to Turkey is not always included, although it is possible that the clinic itself will help you with this. They can send you information on how to proceed with the purchase of your flights.

Find out what previous patients say

Testimonials from former patients will help you understand how they did with that clinic: how was their experience, how was the medical care, how was their evolution and if it met their expectations.

Sometimes the recommendations of other patients are the best guarantee that the service is professional and of high quality.

Know the hotel where you are going to stay

People who undergo one of these hair graft treatments usually seek maximum comfort during the days of the intervention. There are many who choose hotels where they can enjoy luxury, at the same time that they can rest.

Prepare your flight, visa and transfer

Hair graft clinics usually recommend spending at least two nights, so when you book your flight you have to bear in mind that the main airport in Turkey is Atatürk International Airport (IST code). It is the most important Turkish airport and the fifth in Europe by number of passengers.

Istanbul's second airport is Sabiha Gökçen Sabiha International Airport (code SAW), where low-cost airlines fly.

Two commercial airlines are mainly recommended: Turkish Airlines or Pegasus Airlines, and direct flights are suggested for convenience and price. Although Turkey is an open country, it all depends on your nationality.

Other ways to do it easily

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