How to put a hair dye with hairdressing results

Do you think that only by going to the hairdresser you will get the hair color of your dreams? We teach you, step by step, to do it easily from home.
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Is it possible to get professional results by putting a dye at home? What do you have to do to make yourself look shiny and silky like when you leave the hairdresser? Do you need to pay a fortune to get a healthy color change in your hair?

We all want to show off beautiful, shiny hair with a defined color that makes us rejuvenate and matches our skin tone, however few of us like to waste our time and money going to the hairdresser. It has happened to us that on some occasions we have not been satisfied with the final result and we have also had to spend a large amount of money on something that does not convince us.

Luckily, I have to tell you that it is not necessary to do many adventures so that you can wear a hair color that you like and make you feel safe and happy. Yes, you read that right, you just have to follow a few steps below and start taking control of your hair.

Choosing your own hair color will empower you with your image, look in the mirror and choose who you are and how you would like to see yourself. Choose the tone that you feel goes with you, that you see that it is made for you. Meditate calmly visualizing the tonality so that you make your decision with complete certainty.

Bet on ammonia-free dyes to protect your hair without using chemicals or damaging your scalp. The best dye without ammonia It will help you get the tone you want, while helping you preserve all hair health.

Step by step: how to put a dye at home but obtaining hairdressing results

Applying a dye to your hair is a simple task that anyone can do. However, for get a satisfying finish on your hairIt is important to know exactly what process to follow when dyeing anyone's hair.

Step 1. Prewash

Wash your hair 24 to 48 hours before applying the dye. In this way, the natural oils of the hair will come out that will allow the dye to adhere to the hair more easily. The dye will adhere more naturally and last longer.

Step 2. Brushing

A good brushing will facilitate the action of the dye and will ensure that there is no tangle, thus, it will help it to be better fixed and reach all the hair. Without tangles, it will be much easier to apply the dye and you will go faster, obtaining better results. Remember that it is easier to drive on a straight road than a road with obstacles and curves.

Step 3. Protect yourself from stains

Cover the surface around you that may get stained and put newspaper on the floor. You don't want to finish the floor or with your favorite t-shirt full of stains. Try to have paper or an old towel on hand in case there is a spill. Put on old clothes that will not hurt if it stains, since it is likely that a drop will escape.

One of the most common drawbacks is mistakenly dyeing your face. To do this, I recommend placing a little cream or petroleum jelly around the roots, on the forehead, ears, neck and nape.

For the hands, you can use the gloves that come in the box or you can use disposable gloves, for surgical use.

Step 4. Preparation of the dye

Use the bottle that comes in the box to mix the dye following the instructions on the box. Almost all boxes of dye come with canisters that serve to mix it. Make the mixture of the ingredients of the dye in that bottle, shake the solution until the ingredients are well diluted. If your dye does not include these items, you will need to use a bowl to mix. You can use a brush or, if not, you can also use your fingers (with gloves) to apply the dye.

Step 5. Application on the hair

Use a comb to divide your hair into 4 different parts. Hold the sections with tweezers. Use the applicator bottle or brush to distribute the dye through your hair. Use your gloved fingers to allow the dye to penetrate further into the hair.

Step 6. Keep track of time

Do not rinse before the minimum time, nor do you leave the dye beyond the maximum time. Follow the instructions carefully so as not to damage your hair.

Step 7. Clarify Y to wash

Rinse your hair after the time has elapsed and shampoo and conditioner. Gently towel dry it and style it as usual.

You are ready to enjoy your new look and wear your new color like a movie star.

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