How to help someone find a job

Is someone you know having a hard time getting a job? With these tips you can discover how you can help someone find a job.
Cómo ayudar a alguien a encontrar trabajo

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Is there a friend or family member looking for a new job? What is the best way to help them find a job? What can you do to get hired?

Whether your loved one is looking for a better opportunity or has lost their current job, there are many ways you can help them find a job.

Today you will learn some quick ideas that will help your family member or friend to move towards a new stage in their career. These are some of the options you can put into practice to make someone's job search a little easier.

Take advantage of the influence of a recommendation letter

Recommend that he ask for a letter of recommendation from his previous employer. This way, your previous boss will be able to take the time necessary to show the skills and abilities of the person with the specific job. To do this, your former superior will have to make a job listing and the person's work experience. At the end of this article you can learn how to write an effective recommendation letter.

Be constructive and avoid criticism

If someone has been fired, you don't have to remind them every moment (even when it was their own responsibility). Try to be empathetic and try to understand what could have happened to anyone. If your resume is poor, simply suggest the necessary changes to make it more presentable.

Offer referrals

If there is an open selection process in your company, try to see what possibilities there are for referrals to your friend.

Send him job opportunities

If you find a job online where your friend can stand out, don't hesitate to share it with him. You can review the different employment platforms to find out if there is a good opportunity.

Offer to review their resume and cover letter.

It is often difficult to spot your own mistakes when someone writes and edits their own resume. An extra pair of eyes can be helpful in testing and reviewing your friend's resume and letters to ensure their application materials are perfect.

Offer yourself as a reference

You can use your current situation as a starting point for a professional reference. That is especially valuable when someone loses their job or is fired.

If you want to learn how to make a strong recommendation letter, you can look at sample recommendation letter for an employee. Here are some tips to help you understand how to write a strong and positive recommendation letter.

  • Think carefully before saying yes. Make sure you feel comfortable before you start writing a recommendation letter before agreeing to do so. If you think you can't write a positive letter, you should avoid doing so. It is better to say nothing than to write a negative letter.
  • Gather all the necessary information. You need to ensure that you have all the necessary information. Who is the letter addressed to? In what format are you going to write it? You should also be interested in the job listing and a copy of the person's resume.
  • Connect the person to the job. The most effective recommendations show a strong connection between the candidate's skills and experience, and those required to be successful in the position for which you are applying. Review the person's job listing and resume to think of ways the person has demonstrated the skills required for the position.
  • Use examples. Include concrete examples of the times the candidate demonstrated the skills and abilities necessary for the position. For example, if the job requires someone with strong customer service skills, describe a time when the person went the extra mile in this task.
  • Edit the letter. Review the letter several times before sending it. Make sure to use a business format. If you're emailing it, try to include a clear subject line. Your letter can help the candidate get the position they are looking for.
  • Look for sample cards. When writing a letter of recommendation, it is advisable to review what information is usually included. Look for sample letters of recommendation to make the candidate's endorsement as compelling as possible.

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