How to activate HDR mode on a TV

Looking for a way to activate HDR on your television? Learn step by step how you can take advantage of this functionality and get it activated on your TV now.
Cómo activar el modo HDR en un televisor

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What is HDR technology? What improvements does it present? What TVs are compatible with this new feature?

The world of technology is inexorably advancing into new dimensions. Today it is inconceivable to imagine a world without connectivity. Thousands of existing technological elements evolve day by day to adapt to new times and demands. One of the most characteristic cases to analyze whether a person is at the forefront of technology, is to observe what phone he has or what television presides over your living room. This appliance has undergone a great number of changes and evolutions throughout history, but it has always been a faithful soldier when it comes to escaping us from mundane reality.

In the past, televisions had a very corseted use. They were used to connect with current news and to enjoy feature films that were broadcast by generalist broadcasters. This paradigm has changed, and now a television is a tool for mass consumption. Series, video games, content on demand, multimedia players ...

The diversification of video games has suggested that there are people who use televisions and monitors for that sole purpose. And we are not referring to the classic video games that are enjoyed through a console, but also to all interactive activities; as is the case of Betway, which offers games like Blackjack, Innogames with its online strategy like Forge of Empires or future streaming consoles such as Stadia.

Televisions have a series of associated nomenclatures that are not always easy to interpret for people with little knowledge of the subject. Concepts such as 4K, OLED, UHD, Dolby Vision ... invite potential buyers to ask if they are really tangible improvements or marketing tools. We are also entering a new phase where energy consumption is important and some televisions also emphasize this with their advertising.

Today we want to deal with the case of HDR, one of the visual characteristics that is already implemented in mass in many last generation televisions. A capacity that is really conceived as revolutionary and that is a step forward in relation to the image. In most large stores, these three letters stand out above the rest in the hallway where the televisions are displayed. This concept comes directly from English: High Dynamic Range (HDR), in Spanish it is known as High Dynamic Range. This feature enables televisions to display a much higher color scale. It also applies a new range of light, offering much darker and much brighter scenes, with all kinds of chromatic detail. A revolution that wants to represent the colors that can be visualized in nature.

This evolution is palpable especially when we consume images in 4k resolution (3840 × 2160), creating a new standard (4KHDR). To enjoy this new chromatic and visual scale, you must see compatible content. Netflix has already rolled it out, along with Amazon Prime and Chromecast Ultra. There are three variables in relation to HDR, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision, therefore, when buying a television it would be interesting if it was compatible with all three. It is also interesting to equip yourself with sound system pointer.

Now, if you have already purchased a compatible television, you will be considering how to activate it. As we have commented previously, one of the simplest ways is to simply use the native applications that the television presents, be it Netflix or Amazon Prime. HDR-compatible content is highlighted in the content selector. If not, you can always do a Google search and see what kind of content is supported.

In relation to consoles, the situation is somewhat more complicated. First you should preferably have an Xbox One X or a PlayStation 4 Pro, two machines that offer the option of displaying content with HDR. In the Sony console there is an option in the "Screen options" menu, there you must select the 4K resolution and then activate the HDR mode, you also have to leave the deep color output on automatic. To activate it, you must have HDMI 2.0 like the one included in the console box.

In the case of the Xbox One X it is also very simple. Go to the "System" tab, then "Settings", "General", "TV and Screen Options" and activate 4K, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision in video modes.

You have everything ready to enjoy content with HDR. If you do not know which games are compatible, usually this information is in the title box. To enjoy!

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