How to professionally lighten your skin

Get ready to feel even better with the best routine for your skin. Follow these simple tips to remove dirt, blemishes, pimples, and blackheads. Get perfect skin in no time!
Cómo aclarar tu piel de manera profesional

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Looking for healthy, glowing skin? What to do to remove blemishes and blemishes quickly? What are the most effective tips that professionals use to achieve radiant and smooth skin?

Boost your skin care routine with these simple recommendations to remove blemishes and avoid blemishes on your skin. Get a photo dermis for your day to day.

Get ready to feel even better with the best routine for your skin. Follow these simple tips to remove dirt, blemishes, pimples, and blackheads. Get perfect skin in no time!

Be constant

If you are looking for healthy skin, you have to worry about it every day. Taking care of the skin on your face sporadically is not enough, just as if you want to maintain healthy hair or lighten the skin of your armpits, it is necessary to be constant so that the cleaning ingredients work. It is about starting a routine for the care of your skin that helps you maintain a dermis in perfect condition without too much effort.

Use a cleaning brush

Many times a routine cleaning is not enough and leaves traces of dirt on your skin. This build-up can produce results you don't want. The best solution? An exfoliating brush will help you thoroughly remove every last trace of grime.

Do you wash your mobile phone from time to time?

If you are beginning to feel a certain desperation to lighten your skin or remove facial blemishes, you may need to pay attention if the blemishes appear near the area where you rest your mobile phone. Mobile phones are a magnet for dirt and bacteria (just think of all the places it passes through: your hands, table, purse, on top of the kitchen ...) that, in the end, end up on your face when you talk on the phone.

Clean your mobile screen well with an antibacterial cloth from time to time to get rid of any dirt and germs.

Don't be in a hurry

Washing your face for about a minute is not enough, you also have to apply a sufficient amount of cleanser, if you really want to make sure you do not leave a trace of dirt or oil on your face.

From your hands to your skin

Applying the product first with your hands you get the ingredients to activate. This way they will be more effective in improving the appearance of your skin

Avoid the remains

Leaving traces of cleanser on your skin can be even more harmful than the dirt itself. Make sure to rinse it off with lukewarm water until your skin is smooth and clean, without it being slippery or soapy.

Be aware that water that is too hot will dry out your skin, while water that is too cold will close your pores.

Wash your face in the morning

The pillow absorbs a lot of dirt that can end up on your face. If you don't remove them, your pores will be clogged.

How about your hair?

Excess hair products can transfer to your skin, causing annoying pimples on your forehead and hairline.

After using hair products, it is important to use a cleansing wipe for your face to help keep acne well out of your life.

Always wash your face before going to sleep

Don't you have that habit? You are asking to have your bad skin. Keep some cleaning wipes handy for when you're lazy to move around too much.

Do not pass!

If no matter how much you wash it, your skin is still oily, stop trying to clean it and try an astringent.

Exfoliation is very important

The secret to beautiful skin is to remove layers of dead skin cells and dirt that accumulates in your pores. Products with alpha hydroxy acids and lactic acids provide a gentle exfoliation that leaves you with perfect skin.

Wash your brushes

It is crucial to wash your makeup brushes occasionally with a specific cleanser or baby shampoo. Switch to disposable makeup sponges and avoid using dirty brushes that can affect the health of your skin.

Wash your pillowcase

This is also one of the main reasons why the skin on your face could be suffering. Even if you wash your face every night, the pillows accumulate dirt and oil from your hair, hands and from the products you use on your skin before going to bed, which can block your pores, so do not hesitate to change them from time to time. .

Use moisturizing products

If, in addition, it has sunscreen, in addition to being soft, your skin will also be protected. It is important to opt for a formula that is oil-free and non-comedogenic (meaning that it does not clog pores).

Get enough sleep

Staying up very late at night is not enough for good skin health. Lack of sleep can cause your hormones to spiral out of control and your body's stress levels to rise, which can lead to a flare-up of blemishes. Sleep more and you will feel better.

Practice generosity

Rubbing too hard will make your skin rough and red. This is not a fight, but rather to avoid peels so harsh that they cause irritation. Hands are your best tools, but wash them thoroughly first to avoid spreading the residue!

Wash well before exfoliating

The order of the factors does alter the product, at least in this case, first make sure to wash your face well and then perform a gentle exfoliating massage.

By leaving the skin thoroughly cleansed in advance, you allow the scrub to concentrate to remove dirt and oil from the depths of your pores.

Visit to the dermatologist

In no time you will get a treatment that helps you achieve perfect skin in the blink of an eye.

Too much is not good either

Overuse of facial products can lead to irritation and blemishes that didn't exist before. When we talk about your skin, it is best to go little by little. Using multiple remedies at the same time will not enhance results, but will most likely wreak havoc on your skin and fill it with pimples and blemishes.

Leave your hands still

Do you have a tendency to touch your face all the time? This may be the cause of those blemishes in the cheek and mouth area. Inevitably you spend the day touching things that have germs on them, so if you touch your face for a while afterwards, all the dirt and bacteria will have direct and immediate access to the depths of your pores.

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