How to unlock a mobile phone

Do you have a cell phone or mobile phone that you would like to use with another phone company but don't know how to make it work? We explain what it is and how you can easily unlock your phone so that you can use it with another SIM card or from a different country without complications.
Cómo desbloquear un teléfono móvil

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Do you have a mobile phone linked to one phone company but would like to start using it with another? Are you thinking of carrying out portability and are you scared that your terminal could stop working? Are you going to travel to another country and want to continue keeping your current device to continue using it from there but you don't know if it will work?

There are many reasons why you may be interested in unlocking your cell phone or mobile phone, but to get it you will have to take two things into account:

  • The model and brand of your phone.
  • The company with which you signed the permanence contract.

Depending on these points, you will need to follow a different path to unlock your phone and be able to continue using the same device with other companies, with a new number or with different service accounts.

In addition to knowing the benefits of a free mobile phone and you will also discover the differences between a free mobile and one that is not, so just answer ... how to unlock mobile phones to be able to enjoy all the advantages that this entails?

How do I know if I can unlock my mobile?

Today two technologies are used for mobile phones that are almost fully standardized in the market:

  • Global System for Mobile (GSM): Global System for Mobile
  • Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA): Code Division Multiple Access

The good news if you have a CDMA mobile is that they can all be unlocked. On the other hand, some devices that use GSM can be unlocked, while others cannot.

If your phone needs a SIM card to work then it uses GSM technology.

A SIM card is an identity module that uses the GSM network when we insert it into the phone.

Generally, your contacts and settings are stored on the SIM card, and it is linked to your account with the telephone company. This card can be extracted and used in another cell phone; however, your phone will not be able to function without one of them.

But ... how to discover if your phone is really free or, if on the contrary, its use is limited to that of a company?

The odds that your phone is not free vary depending on where you live. For example, in some countries there are laws that restrict the exclusive linking of a terminal to a service provider, for that reason the companies that offer you a mobile phone at a low price when you sign a permanence contract with the telephone company will probably offer you a cell phone that is not free.

Why is it advisable to unlock a mobile phone?

To know for sure if your mobile can be unlocked, you just need to locate an operating SIM card from a company to yours and place it inside the device.

If it is impossible to connect to the service from the terminal, then it means that its use is associated only with numbers from the telephone company.

However, there are powerful reasons why it is convenient to unlock a mobile phone, since in addition to having the freedom to change service provider, you can also travel to another country and use a different SIM card that allows you to avoid scares on the invoice.

How to unlock a mobile phone?

Unlocking your phone doesn't require too much difficulty most of the time. The process is so simple that it does not require advanced knowledge or long and complex processes.

Normally you will only have to enter a code with the numeric keyboard, which can sometimes be provided by your own provider. If you have fulfilled your stay or if your phone is no longer bound to any contract, then this code will be easier to get.

Depending on the model, you will also find third-party companies that provide you with the code for a small fee.

There are exceptions, where the phone needs to be connected to a special device to unlock it. If your phone needs to be unlocked in this way, you can also find specialized services that will send your device to be unlocked.

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