How to choose the best smartphone for your needs

Is choosing your new smartphone a real challenge? Discover our complete guide so that the next choice of your mobile phone is a success.
Cómo elegir un teléfono móvil

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Do you need a mobile phone and do you need it now? Is it your first phone and do you want to choose the best one for you? Is it time to renew your contract or has it dropped into the toilet?

To get an in-depth idea of which phone is best for you, just read this article to find out which smartphone you need.

Choose which operating system you want

For most people, the operating system is the primary factor of choice. A friendly interface and a secure system or low-cost customization possibilities are the two aspects that almost all users take into account when choosing their new mobile phone.

Currently, there are several operating systems you can choose from: iPhone uses iOS and is popular for its ease of use, security, and clean integration with other brand products.

Android phones are associated with Google services, and are highly customizable, as well as being cheaper.

It is best to go to the store and try them there. That will give you an idea of which interface you like the most and which one best suits your needs.

Be clear how much you want to spend

Apple-branded phones are usually more expensive than those based on the Android system. Today the most affordable phones are HTC, LG and Motorola.

Think about the devices you already have

If you have a computer or a tablet, you probably want full integration with all the services you already use. While the phones perform better with other devices of the same brand, the reality is that most are also compatible with any other operating system.

Consider your needs

Each device has unique characteristics, although they share basic applications, such as email, Internet browser and GPS, which exist in all terminals.

Most applications are available for all models, but you will have to investigate what functionalities are unique to each platform.

Evaluate the different providers

Many phone companies make personalized offers that are included in the contracts of the payment plans that can reduce the final cost of buying the phone outright.

These modalities consist of monthly installments that help you to pay it easily. However, canceling the service early may result in the payment of a surcharge.

If you opt for a terminal associated with a telephone company, surely you will not be able to use it with another company until the contract ends, although you can easily unlock the cell phone when the contractual obligations have expired. You can both unlock Android devices and unlock an iPhone and thus use a SIM card from any other company.

Decide on the external and internal features

The size of the screen will depend only on your preferences. While phones with small screens can be easily stored, a larger screen may be preferable if you want to watch a lot of videos.

Another issue to consider is storage capacity. The storage capacity directly affects the price of the terminal, so you will have to be clear about how much you are likely to need before opting for one phone or another.

The quality of the camera also varies between brands and models. The best way to check which one is the best fit for you is by trying it directly in a store.

Other ways to do it easily

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