How to shop safely online

Do you want to buy top brands at the best price safely? Read now this article where you will know the keys to do it.
Cómo hacer compras online con seguridad

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Do you like to shop online but want to do it safely? How to buy online without falling into the traps of a scammer? What are the steps to buy top brands at the lowest price?

Buying on the internet is something that everyone likes to do. You find something you love, click on the "Buy Now" button and after a few days you receive a package at your home.

But shopping online safely is not always an easy task. The FBY Internet Crime Claims Center received more than 1,300 complaints a day in 2019 for thefts valued at a total of $3.5 billion in losses for businesses and individuals.

Most of these complaints come from consumers who do not receive their products purchased online. Most were wowed by "special offers" advertised on social media or shopping pages, but never received (and when they did, it was not the advertised product).

However, there are other legitimate platforms that offer top brand products at surprisingly low prices. For this reason, many users wonder:Privalia is reliable?

This situation is toxic for shoppers. Below you will discover how to shop safely online and what steps to take to avoid being the next victim of a scammer.

1. Shop at reputable stores

It is best to buy directly from well-known and trusted online retailers. Add your favorite shopping sites to get there quickly and safely. Avoid typing the name of the store in the browser bar.

The reason? A small typo could lead you to a fake site that looks like the real one. You make a "purchase" on an illegitimate site, and you may unknowingly be handing over your credit card number and other personal information to scammers.

2. Discover new companies

Found an amazing product from a new seller? Always find out about any business you have never bought from before. Search for reviews online and check for potential complaints. Please see the "Contact Us" page on the website for an address and phone number. Finally, take it one step further: make a call to the company to verify.

Why? The FBI reported that some scammers hijack the contact information of real American companies to make their suspicious site appear legitimate.

3. Beware of incredible offers

Have you ever had an ad on Facebook or Instagram offering rock-bottom prices or a dazzling offer of free stuff? Reports of money lost from social media scams have more than tripled in the last year, according to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Keep this in mind: good deals exist, but all that glitters isn't always gold. Many claimed complaint center sites advertised on social media platforms with offers too good to be true.

Always compare prices before buying. Unusually low prices could be a red flag that you are on a fake site that was set up to steal your personal information or steal your money.

4. Don't surf on public Wi-Fi networks

Avoid shopping from a public Wi-Fi network the next time you are in a coffee shop or airport. Someone staring at your phone on the next table could spy on your online activity.

Shopping online almost always requires giving information that an identity thief would love to obtain, including your name, address, and credit card number.

5. Choose strong passwords

A strong password is like a secure padlock that keeps cyber thieves out of the accounts where you store your private information. Here are some quick guidelines on how to choose a good password:

  • Uses a complex set of lowercase and uppercase numbers, letters, and symbols. Or consider a long passphrase that you can remember and are unlikely to be guessed by others.
  • Avoid dictionary words and personal information that a thief could easily find or guess, such as your mother's date of birth, your cat's name, or your favorite basketball team.
  • Never reuse passwords across multiple sites. If you do, a data breach at one company could give criminals access to your other accounts.

Where to buy safely online: Privalia

Privalia is the number one online store for big discount brands (Nike, Levi's, Adidas…). It is an online outlet where you can always find multiple offers on fashion products.

Most expensive brand clothing is available at an irresistible discount. So they offer end-of-season stocks at a discounted price.

Privalia stands out especially for the confidentiality and security in all its transactions. It has an app and a website that facilitates browsing and making purchases of goods of different categories.

Its most popular categories are:

  • Trademarks
  • Woman
  • Man
  • Beauty
  • Home
  • Childish

The greatest value proposition that Privalia offers is to provide you with products from the best brands with great discounts, up to the 70% to your door.

Privalia arrived in Mexico in 2010 and today it has become one of the four most popular apps among Mexicans who want to buy the best clothes and other original products at an unbeatable price.

In addition, its superior security protocols guarantee that both your personal information and your money always remain safe.

Do you want to make a smart purchase and save? Then choose Privalia.

Privalia is clearly the quintessential deals platform throughout the year. There are no specific seasons in which the discounts are better, so it is advisable to visit the platform regularly to take advantage of the best discounts before they are sold out.

One of the best things about Privalia is that as it is a platform with lightning sales, you can find top brand products with up to a 70% discount. In addition to these great prices, Privalia also stands out for its variety of fashion, footwear, household items and beauty products for all types of people.

The platform launches the sale of the best brands every day at 7 AM. But you have to hurry, since the offers last only between 5 and 10 days available on the platform. The stock is constantly renewed and that is why brands stay on the platform for a short time.

Do you want to buy the best brands at the lowest price and safely? Then choose Privalia and forget about everything else!

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