How to save month by month on your electricity bill

Is saving on the electricity bill possible? Yes, and in this article we go over the simple tips that will help you pay less each month, effortlessly!
Cómo ahorrar mes a mes en la factura de la luz

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Are your electricity bills exorbitant no matter how hard you try to save more? What are the main factors that can increase the electrical costs of a home? How can you save month after month without having to make radical changes?

Being smart is the best way to start saving on your electricity bill costs. With these simple changes for your home, you can save large amounts of money, especially if you take into account all the factors that increase the electricity cost of your home from month to month.

Now is your time to join the challenge of reducing your energy bills! Whether you have a digital bill or if you choose to print the electricity bill, if you follow the simple changes that you will learn about below, it will not take you long to see that it is possible to pay less.

Turn off the lights that you are not needing

Incandescent bulbs have a very expensive cost, so it is recommended to switch to using LED bulbs to reduce the cost of your bill.

Take advantage of natural light

A well-oriented window can illuminate an area 20 to 10 times, allowing you to keep the electric light off to save money.

Use assist lights

Turn off the ceiling lights and opt for table lamps and lamps in work areas, bedrooms and kitchen.

Reduce the duration of your showers

Hot water is a significant expense if you use an electric water heater. Try to cut down on your shower time by just one minute and you'll see a big cut on your bills!

Understand your electricity bill

You can consult the CFE website to better understand the complex terminology used by electricity companies in electricity bills. By knowing the meaning of each word, you will be able to better understand what you have to do in order to save.

Close the tap

If you do it while you shave, wash your hands or brush your teeth, you can save up to 5% of your monthly cost.

Unplug electrical appliances

The energy you save when you save can represent up to 10% of the annual electricity use in an average home. If you unplug the electronic devices that you do not use, you can save more than € 40 a year.

Renew your electronic devices

If you are still using an old desktop computer, you can recycle it and go for a laptop. If you have an old television, you can renew it for an LCD screen that helps you save year after year.

Turn off the air conditioning

If you have electric heat, lowering the thermostat by two to three degrees can help you save on your electricity bill. The lower you turn the thermostat, the greater the savings.

Take advantage of the air currents

It promotes air flow throughout your home and blocks the sun's rays after noon. This will be a great saving especially during the summer.

Avoid the oven

In summer you can choose salads, smoothies or the barbecue to reduce the heat in your home and the consequent costs of its cooling.

Fill the washing machine well

This way you can reduce the number of washes to one per week. You will notice the savings even if you only use cold water.

Do the laundry with cold water

Using cold water can also help you save each year on your energy bills.

Dry your clothes in the open air

One more way to avoid unnecessary increases in the electricity bill.

Opt for efficient cooling

Try to keep your fridge and freezer at an optimal temperature. Refrigerators should maintain a temperature between 2º C and 3º C, while the recommended temperature for freezers should be -18º C.

Try using the microwave oven or toaster more

In addition to being faster than the oven, the microwave can also save you more.

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