How to remove makeup from your face quickly in less than 5 minutes

Cómo eliminar el maquillaje de facial

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Did you put on makeup to go out and now you want to know the best way to remove makeup and clean your face? How to remove makeup easily without investing an eternity of time and effort? What are the easiest, fastest and cheapest tips to remove makeup and leave the perfect face?

The feeling of a fresh face after removing all makeup is unique and indescribable. If you want to wake up with a clean face and glowing skin, then you need to remove every last trace of makeup before going to sleep. You're doing your skin a favor, as sleeping with makeup can lead to dry skin, acne, and even pimples and blackheads caused by the breakdown of collagen. That is if we only talk about the face.

Why is it so important to remove all makeup?

When you leave your eyes without removing make-up, a series of problems also occur that, I assure you, you want to avoid. From infections, irritation, styes and eyelash weakness. Removing all makeup every night is an essential need for the health of your skin.

Today you will learn seven powerful tricks to completely remove makeup like an expert would.

How to remove makeup in less than 5 minutes

Start with a facial cleanser

Your daily cleanser should be enough to remove foundation and blush. Just massage your face with the cleanser following the manufacturer's instructions and let it sit for about 20 seconds. Do not forget the areas of the hairline, under the chin and the area near the ears. Then use a damp cotton cloth. It is recommended that it be white so that you can make sure you have removed everything correctly. If you are using a long-lasting foundation or facial brush, you can use it first. Keep rubbing gently until everything is removed.

Remember that health is also in the skin

The makeup removal process should be gentle and should never leave your skin hydrated or dehydrated. It is possible to use some cleansing oil that does not dry your face. Use your fingers and spread a small amount of oil on your eyelids, eyebrows and lips. Then gently massage into your skin to remove makeup residue. Then pour some cleansing oil on a cotton pad and go over the same areas again. Remember that it is best to always do it in the same direction.

Take advantage of the heat of steam

A little-known trick is to place your face over the steam from the hot water to relax your pores and make the cleanser easier to do. It is something that requires some time, but it does not hurt to do it on occasion. If you add a drop of lavender essential oil, you will achieve a calming and relaxing effect.

Pamper your eyes!

Mascara and liner are the most difficult to remove, but remember that it is always possible to remove without rubbing. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so it is recommended to use cotton wool and an oil-based remover to remove eye makeup. Soak some cotton in the product, close your eyes and place them on your eyelids for about 15 seconds for the stir to take effect before removing it.

When using a waterproof mask, use a waterproof makeup remover better than cleansing oil. This way you won't have to rub as hard, and you will reduce the risk of your lashes breaking. Wet some makeup remover cotton and press gently on the lashes until everything is removed.

Make sure to get rid of every last trace of makeup

Once you are able to remove the makeup from your eyes, make another pass with a little cotton to make sure you remove even the smallest remains of the cleaning product. This way you avoid raccoon eyes in the morning and it will be easier for you to apply makeup the next day.

Use an oil-based makeup remover to remove long-lasting lipstick

A cotton ball soaked in makeup remover cream or liquid is helpful for removing most lipsticks. But you need an oily formula if your lipstick is long-lasting or has a very intense pigment.

No to baby wipes

It is a huge mistake to use wet wipes to remove makeup. They do not work properly and the fact that babies' skin is very sensitive should not confuse you. A baby's bottom is not covered in makeup that needs special care for proper removal. Instead, you can opt for specific products for this. You can search the internet for information about the best makeup removers or read makeup removal wipe reviews.

Now that you have managed to remove all your makeup and your skin is cleaner than ever, you can use a toner or moisturizer to give it the final touch. The next day you will notice your face much cleaner and fresher. You will thank yourself, when the next day you wake up with a cleaner face than ever.

Whatever your skin type, there is nothing better than washing it at night. With the tips that you now know you can remove makeup in the blink of an eye.

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