How to prepare your wedding flowers

Is your wedding day approaching and would you like to take care of the flower arrangements? Today we learn how to choose and perfect the flowers for a unique wedding.
Cómo preparar las flores de tu boda

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Is your wedding day approaching and you want to take care of the flowers? Have you seen a beautiful flower arrangement and would like to know how to do that? How to make your own wedding flowers?

While most of the beautiful wedding flower arrangements and bouquets that you see in many photos and magazines are usually done by professional floral designers who have years of floral design experience and knowledge.

If you feel motivated to do this project in a fun way, today you are going to know the keys so that you can plan and practice creating impressive flower arrangements.

Just follow these tips and advice for a great experience. Go for it!

Get inspired by lots of ideas

Check magazines, books on decoration, visit florists and take pictures of those flower arrangements that catch your attention. For example, you can visit a five-star hotel to get new ideas. The more ideas you reign, the more possibilities you will have to incorporate into your wedding flowers.

Collect all your ideas

It is important to maintain good organization in order to achieve exactly the look you want.

Just collect all your photos. When you feel that it is time, you will simply have to discard those that do not convince you.

Choose a color palette

Surely you have a favorite color that you want to use for your wedding. Pick a color scheme and stick with it.

Set a maximum budget

Flowers are only a fraction of the total investment it takes to have a wedding. The dress, the reception, the music, the gifts… the flower budget is also important!

Flowers add balance, color, and fragrance to any wedding. In addition, it is one of the things that the indignant ones remember the most. Are you really thinking of skimping on it?

Choose the flowers

There are as many flowers as there are colors to choose from. Roses, carnations, orchids ... your decision will be based on where you celebrate your wedding and the season of the year in which you are. In any case, you always want to make sure that the flowers you select are going to be available in your area or that you have enough resources to place an order for whatever you want.

Ask for help

Flowers are perishable, which means they must be prepared and arranged at the last minute. The greater the number of flowers, the more help you will need.

Follow a protocol

Prepare a protocol for your flower arrangements in the same way that you would write a cooking recipe. Each table will need a vase, a floral smoke block, 12 roses, three buds, three stems of ivy. Are you getting it? This is a great way to get an idea of what you need to do for what you hope to do.

Gather all the supplies

Gather all the items in a box. If you have helpers, make as many supply sets as there are people working with you.

It has a cool place to store the flowers

It is normal to buy and prepare the flowers a few days before the big day: that's why you need to keep them refrigerated. If the wedding is in summer, reserve a room in the house and turn on the air conditioning, preventing the jet of air from blowing directly on the flowers.

Make sure of the water

Right after buying the flowers, you will need to add some water to them. You can use cubes according to the size of the flowers for this.

Reserve a dedicated work area

You need a dedicated homework area to prepare the wedding flowers. Make sure to cover as many surfaces as you can with plastic. You also need access to a sink to soak the flowers, several oversized tables, plastic bags, and a space to place the finished bouquets and arrangements.

Practice everything you can

Do one or two sets of practice. Buy flowers that you have selected to make a centerpiece and bouquet, and put them together. Time the time it takes to prepare it and multiply the time by the amount you will have to make. With this you will have an idea of the total type that you will have to invest to have the flowers ready before the big day.

Other ways to do it easily

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