How to organize a bridal shower easily

Is the wedding of a good friend approaching and do you think there is something you cannot miss? Learn right now to organize the best hen party that no one will ever forget.
Cómo organizar una despedida de soltera

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“Marriage is a boat that carries two people through a stormy sea; if one of the two makes a sudden movement, the boat sinks ”. Leon Tolstoy.

The time has come. Your friend is getting married and this means spending a large part of the time organizing, choosing a dress, flowers, the bridesmaids, the banquet, the taste of the cake, what will be the hairstyle that will accompany the veil, the shoes ...

But we must not forget the most important thing, from now on this girl is going to dedicate her life to her partner and the person she loves, so her life will take a 180 degree turn.

What better way to welcome this new stage of your life than with an enviable bachelorette party that you will never forget? Well it's time to get down to business and prepare your memorable event.

8 original ways to celebrate a bachelorette party

First you must make the list of the guests, choose the date and select the place and what you are going to do. Do not forget to bring a camera to immortalize this special day.

In addition to having these excellent ideas, we also leave you a series of very original and fun suggestions for anyone so that you can enjoy the bachelorette party and have a great time.

1. Theme party

Go for something original, costumes are very fun and what better way to take advantage of them than through a themed party. You can choose the theme of a movie or a decade. It will be a very creative plan for you to let your imagination fly and dress up what you like the most.

2. Beauty session

Manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, massages, spa circuit ... This option allows you to relax while making you look perfect. Remember that there is a lot of stress with the nerves and the preparations and what better idea than to take a break with your friends and get bright.

3. Pajama party

Eating cakes, cooking, painting nails, watching movies, having a pillow fight, playing twister, looking at photos, writing letters, etc. This plan will make you remember when you were 5 years old and you got together to sleep at someone's house. The difference will be that your parents will not be there to remind you that you should go to bed early.

4. Adventure to the limit

How about we release a little adrenaline? We are going to live an adventure. There are many alternatives to zip lines, bungee jumping, quads, paintball, gymkhana, go-karts, archery ... This option is for the most daring and brave brides and their friends who want to have a new and brave experience.

5. Rural house

A little fresh air and nature are ideal for a farewell. Connecting with the countryside and the environment is essential to relax and enjoy with others. You can choose typical places in one area or another. Remember that there are incredible places that are waiting for you to visit them.

6. Surprise trip

How about an impromptu getaway. You can choose a place that you have never been and feel like visiting. It may be somewhere in your childhood or the childhood of the bride. You can also go to another country and discover other cultures and other ways of life. It will be an indelible memory.

7. Wine tasting

This option can be done in a winery or at home. You will be able to taste true delicacies of wines, their texture, their aroma, their flavor… It is a very entertaining idea to see if you really have a five-star palate or if you would settle for a carton of cheap wine.

8. Dinner with show

A show exclusively for you or perhaps enjoy a good musical or theatrical work. You can reserve an intimate place where you can watch the show, while accompanying it by toasting a good bottle of champagne.

As you can see, celebrating a good bachelorette party is not as difficult as it seems. Be that as it may, with these great options you will surely achieve a party so spectacular that it will not leave anyone indifferent.

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