How to prepare perfect and healthy natural smoothies

Preparing natural smoothies is as simple as it is a good idea. Follow these tips to learn how to make the most delicious smoothies you've ever tasted
Cómo preparar batidos naturales perfectos y saludables

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Do you want to learn how to make delicious smoothies from the comfort of your home? How to preserve the natural ingredients to be able to make healthy shakes at any time? What combinations of fruits are the ones that result in the shake with the greatest explosion of flavor?

A vitamin-packed shake is a wonderful way to start your day or to drink in the afternoon. Now you can learn how to make nutritious and delicious shakes just by following our recommendations.

Although smoothies can be a refreshing substitute for breakfasts and snacks. But they are also very easy to make. You only need a few ingredients that when mixed, transform into a delicious shake instantly. Today you will learn how to prepare real shakes that will make you fall in love with every drink.

Choose a mixer

Although many people usually use a blender or an electric juicer to make smoothies, in the market you can find very affordable alternatives that help you do your job better. Our suggestion is that to prepare the shakes quickly, but deliciously, it is to use a hand mixer that facilitates the work.

The exact amounts for the perfect shake

To prepare a perfect shake you have to start with two cups of liquid foundation. Here you can choose what you like the most: cow's milk, soy or almond milk, yogurt, fruit juice, coconut milk, etc.

It is very important that you add the liquid first, to facilitate the work of the machine and avoid possible damage to its operation.

Next, you will have to add about three-quarters of your favorite fruit. Banana, berries, mango, peach, plums, nectarines, apple, pear, melon ... It depends on you what flavor you want your smoothie to have!

You will have to experiment for a while until you find the perfect texture. Then you can add a little honey, maple syrup, or agave syrup if you like.

Finally, put a few cubes in the blender and in a few seconds you will be enjoying a thick and refreshing frozen shake!

Ideas to combine in your smoothies

Although you can combine as many and which fruits you prefer, it is true that there are some combinations that may serve to inspire you:

  • Mango and banana
  • Coconut and banana
  • Creamy mango and coconut
  • Wild berries
  • Forest fruits and banana
  • Cale and avocado

How to preserve fruit to make smoothies quickly at any time

If your intention is to make regular smoothies, then you want to know a way to preserve the fruit. To do this, you just have to keep it in the freezer, since this way, in addition to preserving all its properties, you will also have them available to make any frozen shake in the blink of an eye without having to add additional ice.

For example, in the case of bananas, you can peel it and cut it into pieces, place it on a tray and wrap it with plastic wrap. You can make small packages and have them at your disposal whenever you need them.

You can do this even with fruits that do not freeze well, such as strawberries or melon, so you can add them to your smoothie at any time.

Another alternative is to opt for frozen shakes that are sold in the supermarket, which are still very nutritious and taste spectacular.

Extra tricks to prepare irresistible smoothies

Once you know how to prepare basic shakes, you can experiment with your recipes. Cocoa powder, cinnamon, grated nutmeg or vanilla essence add a delicious touch if you add them before blending. If you use flax seeds, roasted walnuts or whole oats, as well as a great taste and a different texture, they will also satisfy you more!

How to make your shakes even healthier

The first time you try a natural fruit and vegetable smoothie, you are surprised by its taste. The mixtures of their flavors usually combine perfectly, which is why every day more people choose to make smoothies with coconut water, grated apple, kiwi, banana and even spinach.

You can go further and try as ingredients: grated beets, carrots, kale, tomatoes and avocados.

You also have the possibility to give it an extra protein intake, if you add a scoop of protein in polo, peanuts or nut butter. Some people prefer to add some tofu.

In any case, avoid raw eggs, as they are not a good option, since our body assimilates their protein better when they are cooked.

Other ways to do it easily

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