How to call by putting your hidden number

Do you know everything about calls with a hidden number? Today you will learn why someone wants to hide their identity and what you can do about it.
Cómo llamar poniendo tu número oculto

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How to make a call with a hidden number? What to do to find out the identity of an unidentified call? What can you do to discover who is hiding behind a call with a restricted number?

You are not the only person. As the number of stalkers and telemarketers grows, so does the number of unwanted calls with a hidden number to your mobile or landline phone. It is obvious that there is a reason why they call her hiding her identity.

When someone calls you with a hidden number, they usually do so because they have privately set up their phone number. Typically these calls appear on the device screen as:

  • Private call.
  • Restricted.
  • Hidden number.
  • A stranger.
  • Unidentified.

And is that when someone uses a hidden number to call, it can be from someone you know to someone who wants to harass you.

However, sometimes private calls are used for purposes that may interest you. For example, your health center may contact you without wanting your number to be traced.

But as a rule of thumb, private calls don't usually bring anything good. Calling someone with a hidden number simply has one purpose: to avoid identification. This is because they avoid being caught or held accountable for their malicious calls. But this is not always the case, especially since there are mechanisms to unmask the number behind these calls.

Hidden call from mobile

There are a few ways you can use to make calls from a hidden number. The most common trick is to dial the prefix #31# in front of the phone number you want to call. The steps are the following:

  1. Brand #31#.
  2. Enter the full phone number you want to call (note that you will also need to add the area code!)
  3. Tap the call button.

Now the called party will see the words "Hidden Number", "Private" or "Unidentified" instead of your phone number.

Many people also choose to configure their mobile phone to hide their outgoing caller ID by deactivating it through their mobile phone settings. This is a quick way to automatically dial the #31# prefix every time you make a call. Thus, all the calls you make will be shown with a hidden number by default.

How to call with a hidden number from landline

Making an outgoing call from your landline with a hidden number is also very easy.

You only need to dial the lock code 067 before the phone number you want to call.

How to find out a private number

Revealing the true identity of someone who wants to contact you is important for your peace of mind, but what you can do with this information is even better.

TrapCall is the # 1 Android and iOS app for unmasking and blocking calls with a hidden number. TrapCall is one of the many apps available to reveal and block hidden calls, but if you wish you also have the possibility to act against the person who calls you.

With TrapCall you can reveal the information of the hidden number that has called you, including name, address and even a photo if available. You can also include a blacklist of phone numbers that you want to avoid being contacted, as well as record conversations to hold the person who calls you accountable. This application also serves to keep an updated record of those calls that you may come to consider as harassing.

TrapCall stands out for its ability to unmask unidentified calls, giving you power and peace of mind. It is undoubtedly one of the best solutions to enjoy confidence and the ability to know who wants to contact you.

Block calls with hidden number

IPhone and Android phones allow you to block calls from unknown or hidden numbers using default functionality.

If your mobile phone is iPhone, to block calls from all the numbers that are not in your contact list you just have to do this:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to "Do not disturb ·".
  3. In the «Phone» section, touch the «Allow calls from» option.
  4. In the "Groups" section select "Contacts".

Blocking unknown calls with an Android phone is also very easy:

  1. Go to the dial screen.
  2. Touch the "Settings" option.
  3. Touch "Call Blocking".
  4. Tap 'Block List'.
  5. Select "Block Anonymous Calls".

These solutions are great for blocking calls that try to reach you using a private or unidentified number. But as you may have seen, in this way incoming calls from any phone number that is not among your contacts will also be blocked.

Likewise, it will also prevent you from receiving important calls if those numbers are not stored as contacts on your phone.

This is the reason why most users choose to download an application for iOs or Android that helps reveal the identity of people who use a hidden or private number to call, while allowing the option to block phone numbers. phone of which you do not want to know anything.

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