How to entertain children to have a great time

Do you want to know what to do to entertain the children? Boost their curiosity and creativity with these great ideas to keep them entertained.
Cómo entretener a niños para que lo pasen genial

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Why does knowing what to offer children for fun sometimes seem like an impossible task? What to do with them when they are on vacation? What are the low-cost tasks that can help keep them entertained for a while?

We have got down to business and researched some of the best options you can make with children to entertain children no matter the conditions.

Discover now the best fun and educational things for children: short jokes, riddles, coloring pages, poetry, cute phrases, children's games and much more.

Get them to turn off the TV and game console with these great ideas!

Give them play dough

Play dough is something of a childhood initiation ritual. It's a fun resource, but one that also helps boost your creativity.

Just make sure they understand that it can't be eaten!

Teach them to cook

The kitchen is one of the best places to entertain children. There are many simple recipes that you can try with them. The possibilities here are almost endless! You can make no-bake cakes, or have them create sandwich fillings for snack.

Make paper airplanes

Surely you have a huge amount of paper ready to recycle that you can use to build a veritable fleet of paper airplanes.

You'll see how much fun they are having when they start throwing them from the top of the window or in the garden! Learn how to make different types of plane and try to find out which one goes the furthest.

Write a story

Use all the power of your imagination to write a story together. It just motivates children to write anything. For example, you can propose to them to write their favorite story, changing the ending to one that they like more. Other people prefer to write a story in strings, where each person writes a paragraph and then shows only the final line for the next writer to continue. You will see how fun it is to read the whole story out loud at the end!

Boost your interpretive streak

Encourage the creative side of children very easily. You just need to find something to dress up in and create a story together to act out a play. Help them with what they need, but remember that you will also have to observe them during the performance. An alternative is to create a puppet theater.

Do a treasure hunt

Create a list of weird and fun items for the kids to find. They can explore the length and breadth of the entire house or garden. You can use various elements, such as stamps, straws, rubber bands, coins, toothpicks ... although rocks, feathers or something of a certain color will also work.

Visit the city library

You may think this is an intimidating place for children, but there is always something for everyone at the library. No matter what their hobbies are, if they find a book they like, they will just have it.

Play a board game

Opening the game box is one of the most exciting things to bring young and old to the same table. Develop their competitiveness and you will be surprised how quickly they get excited. You will only have to avoid conflicts when one begins to lose!

Go out for a walk

Whether you live in a city, a town or in the suburbs, there are always places you can visit that have never been. Think of a place with good views, or a part with a fascinating history. If you don't know anywhere to go, you can search online for some of the best spots in your local area.

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