How to choose the right makeup color

Get the most out of it and learn to put on makeup like never before. These are the best colors for your skin tone.
Cómo elegir el color del maquillaje

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Do you want to put on makeup but you want to make sure you do it right? Do you know the colors that best match your skin? What to do to get professional results without having too much makeup idea?

The basic step before applying your makeup is to find the ideal colors for you.

Both the tone of your skin and your eyes intervene in this process, since through them you will get to know which is the makeup base and the blush that best combine with your skin. In addition, you will also get to know what exactly is the eye shadow and lip color that will help you get the most out of your makeup and thus obtain a more attractive appearance that makes you feel better and with higher self-esteem.

Choosing the right color for your face

To know which base makeup and blush tone best suit you, you will have to identify the exact tone of your skin.

Find out your skin tone

Before starting, the essential thing is to know exactly what skin color we have. To determine our tone we just have to look at the shadow that appears along the jaw line.

The 4 basic skin tones

Each skin has a different tone, so it is an essential requirement to be very clear both what my skin tone is, as well as what its derived or undertones are.

The surface of the skin is the most superficial layer of our body, so at first glance you may already have an idea of what your skin type is: white, light, medium or brown. However, this directly interferes with the pigmentation of your skin.

  1. White: Your skin is very white and burns easily.
  2. Clear or olive: It tends to be slightly more colored than white skin, but shifting towards yellowish tones.
  3. Half: If your skin has a medium tonality, with olive undertones.
  4. Brunette: You have very dark skin.

Although these are the four shades that a person's skin can take, the reality is that the color of its surface can change depending on various factors. For example, it is normal to get darker in summer, while the common is that skin clears more in the rainy season.

Agents such as redness, hyperpigmentation, dryness or numbness also intervene in its coloring, so you will have to pay attention to your skin at all times before choosing the best makeup color for you.

Discover the undertones of your skin

The tones derived from the color of your skin serve to help you choose the most appropriate base for get the most out of your skin type.

Generally, three types of undertones are known:

  • Hot
  • Cold
  • Neutral

To find out what your undertones are, you can help yourself with a piece of silver fabric and another piece of gold fabric.

Place the pieces of cloth next to your wrist. Observe your veins, because if when you bring the silver fabric closer they take a blue tone, then you have a cold undertone; whereas if they turn yellow, green or brown next to the gold fabric, then you have a warm undertone.

If the veins take on a bluish or greenish color, then your tone is neutral, so both cold and warm tones will suit you.

In short: if gold jewelry looks good, then it is best to opt for warm tones, while if you look more with silver jewelry, you may have to opt for cold tones. If you have a neutral tone, then both should suit you.


Combine tone and undertones to find the shade of the foundation

Choosing the correct base for your skin is much easier once we know what tone and undertones our skin has. Based on the above, we can choose the best shade for our base.

There are many people who seek advice and tips for a natural makeup Nude effect, and although on the Internet there are very complete tools to find out the base shadow that best suits the tone and undertone of your skin, the reality is that you can also contact someone beauty expert who can help you find the perfect shade for you.

However, always remember that, when in doubt, it is best to opt for a foundation whose color is darker than your skin tone.

Please use the tester before choosing

Even if you feel absolutely certain that you are choosing the correct color for your skin, it is advisable to always try the foundation you have chosen to avoid mistakes.

Just apply a little shadow makeup along the jaw line and look at the color of your neck, which is always usually lighter than that of the face. The appropriate shade would have to degrade with your skin and blend seamlessly.

Light is important to get it right, so being close to a source of natural light ensures a more accurate view of what color you are choosing.

Choose the blush

The blush is a great method to give our complexion warmth in a natural way without having to dedicate great efforts.

The choice of the best blush will be based on the tone of your skin, so that the final result of its application but avoiding overloading your face.

  • If you have white or fair skin, then light pink tones are best. A peach shade also works well on this type of skin.
  • If your skin is medium, then you can go for an apricot tone or with a little orange. People with this skin type are also apt to use a medium pink or orange.
  • Purple tones are recommended for brown skin. Deep colors like purple can be combined with shades of orange for a professional result.

Choosing the perfect color for your eyes

Before finding the ideal eye color for you, it will be necessary to know exactly what your eye color is.

We generally know four types of eye color:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Light brown
  • Dark brown / black

There is an extra modality, which is heterochromia, where each eye has a different color. In this case, the recommendation is to use the same color in both eyes, although you can use makeup of a different color if you want to achieve a more fun look.

Opt for warm colors if the color of your blue eyes

Although you can choose a wide range of colors, such as apricot, pink, beige, bronze; gold and orange are great options to pair with blue eyes.

It is best to avoid blue or greenish tones, since they reduce the natural intensity of blue eyes.

Go pink or purple if you have green eyes

Colors like purple, pink, or deep red look great on greenish eyes.

Avoid turquoise, indigo, green or blue colors, since these will subtract in the contrast against the color of your eyes.

Bluish, greenish, or orange for light brown eyes

The advantage of brown eyes is that they offer the possibility of using different types of shadows with extraordinary results.

Some are like greenish gray or golden brown or orange work very well if we start using them in the area of the eye closest to our nose with a darker tone and try to apply a lighter layer as we get closer to the external area.

Dark colors for dark eyes

If you have dark or very dark eyes, you may want to try intense shadows to highlight your look. You can choose dark gray, navy blue or brown and avoid pastel or very light colors that would not fit well with your characteristics.

You can also complement your eye makeup with a mask or eyeliner.

  • If you have blue eyes, choose a gold eyeliner.
  • If you have green eyes, bronze or purple colors are excellent options.
  • For light brown eyes, go for the colors: green, purple, bronze, or olive.
  • For darker eyes amber, very dark blue, purple or gray colors offer very good results.

Choosing the best color for your lips

The ideal color for your lips varies depending on the tone of your skin. You will only need to determine if your skin is brown or fair to make the appropriate choice of lipstick.

Glossy lipstick for dark skin

Lipsticks with bright colors such as passion red, fuchsia or purple will contrast with your skin tone and enhance the result of warm undertones.

The best option is to try to maintain a balance between the color of the lipstick in its combination with the makeup of the eyes and your face.

If you want to highlight your eyeshadow, then try opting for a more neutral or natural lipstick color.

Clear lipstick for fair skin

For lighter skin it is best to use a light pink, flesh-colored or violet lipstick so that the shadows do not overload the tone of your skin, but at the same time, they bring warmth to your face.

If you want to improve the appearance of your lips because you feel that they are too small, you can try using a metallic lipstick that adds shine and depth to your lips.

Although there are also other possibilities, such as light pink, beige or peach to avoid overflowing your lips with such a bright and dark color.

Many people add a line around their lips with lipstick. If you decide to outline your lips, make sure the line is no more than 3mm thick, and try to make the line as precise and even as possible.

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