How to take advantage of a treadmill for training

Find out how to get the most out of it! These are the 4 ways you can use to get the most out of your treadmill.
Cómo aprovechar una cinta de correr

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Do you have a treadmill and want to learn the most? Thinking of buying one but not sure how it can help you? What are the best recommendations for training on a treadmill?

When you run, we know how exciting it is to hit the open roads with the sun on your face and the wind on your back. But sometimes the weather can get in the way of outdoor workouts. For this and some other reasons that we show you here; Having a runner at home is an excellent alternative to keep fit.

Treadmills are kind to your joints. 

One of the faults of running outdoors is that the surfaces you run on are rough and impact hard on your muscles, joints and bones. Jogging on roads made of concrete and asphalt can hurt your body after a while. Fortunately, most good treadmills don't have this problem.

For example, some treadmills are equipped with the FlexDeck shock absorption system, which provides cushioning for the impact of each step. This can reduce stress on the joints by as much as 30%.

Treadmills have countless fitness and entertainment features.

Running outside can provide beautiful views depending on the location, but it can also force you to look at suburban shopping malls and vast stretches of unchanging asphalt. However, treadmills have a variety of entertainments that strengthen your mind and make time go by much faster. For example, Life Fitness Discover SE3 HD consoles offer TV, internet, a variety of virtual games and courses, and compatibility with popular fitness and entertainment apps.

Keep in mind that even the most basic treadmill can have many entertainment options when placed in a room with a television.

Treadmills offer you reliable support during your workout.

As the seasons change, treadmills are convenient as they are not subject to cold winds, intermittent rain, slippery surfaces, or heat surges. Simply put, treadmills offer you the most reliable terrain in the best conditions.

Exercise without worry is the best exercise of all. And the secure position of a treadmill belt takes your mind off your footsteps.

Treadmills can match the outside resistance.

One of the supposed downsides of treadmills is that they cannot compensate for the environmental challenges of running outside: wind resistance, changes in gradation, and the lack of a self-propelled surface. Fortunately, the solution is as easy as clicking a button.

Adjusting the incline of the treadmill only the 1% can increase the intensity and create an experience similar to running on a flat surface outdoors.

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