How to know if you have traffic tickets in Peru

Do you think you have a traffic ticket in Peru? Today we learn all about driving offenses, what types exist, and how to easily pay for them.
Cómo saber si tienes multas de tránsito en Perú

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Has a recklessness been the cause of a traffic violation? What is a traffic ticket and how is it managed in Peru? How to pay a traffic ticket?

A ticket or a ticket refers to the monetary penalty that an individual must pay when they are caught committing a traffic violation.

A recklessness on the road by another driver can also be the cause of a violation for those more cautious drivers. That is why it is important to stay on constant alert behind the wheel, in order to maintain safe and controlled driving.

Although the entity designated to issue fines corresponds to the National Police of Peru, you should know which authority is empowered to collect these infractions according to the province in which you are.

Depending on the offense, the penalty may be different, as well as the amount you will have to pay to pay off your debt with the Administration.

What types of traffic offenses are there?

According to the government portal Gob.pe, there are three levels of infractions, depending on the severity of each:

Very serious offenses (M)

They refer to those offenses with alcohol consumption, driving without a valid license to do so, driving a vehicle without license plates, or parking on a curve, among others. The sanction is equivalent to 100%, 50%, 24%, 18% or 12% of the ITU.

Serious offenses (G)

Serious infractions involve those that violate the safety distance between vehicles, ignore the regulations when making turns, use the wrong lane, among others. The sanction is equivalent to the ITU's 8%.

Minor offenses (L)

These violations may include, but are not limited to, improper parking, using the turn lane to continue your journey, leaving doors open, and obstructing traffic. The sanction is equivalent to the 4% of the ITU.

How to know if you have pending traffic tickets

If you want to know if you have pending traffic tickets, you must follow these steps:

  1. Access the Virtual SAT
  2. Click on "Traffic Fines"
  3. Enter the code of the license plate of your car or DNI

Here you will find all the necessary data about your sanction: information about the fine, the offense committed, and the amount to be paid.

What discounts are there for each type of violation?

If you pay your fine within the first 5 business days from notification or imposition of it, you will enjoy an 83% over the total amount of the penalty.

If you pay between the 6th business day from the notification or imposition of the fine, you will enjoy a 67% of the total amount of the sanction.

Who should pay the fine for a traffic violation?

The payment of traffic fines corresponds to the driver. Sometimes, the owner of the vehicle is jointly liable for some fines.

In the case of an electronic fine, the owner of the vehicle will also be responsible for payment.

How to avoid a traffic ticket?

Reckless driving is one of the most serious crimes a driver can commit. Dangerous driving is legally defined when the level of driving falls "far below" what would be expected of a competent and careful driver.

Among some forms of reckless driving, we find:

  • Speeding or aggressive driving.
  • Competition with other vehicles.
  • Risk overtaking.

In some cases, committing any of these crimes can lead to several years in prison.

However, there are a variety of crimes associated with this type of driving that can carry different types of fines.

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