How to know if you are in love

Como saber si estas enamorada

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How do we know if we are in love or only like one person?

In the present days it is very difficult to know if one is in love or it is just an obsession for one person, we may like it a lot, but things are very different when one falls in love.

There are symptoms of falling in love that are very similar to those of being in love, one of them is that your heart beats very hard every time you see that person, you get nervous, you feel the typical butterflies in your abdomen, because you turns everything upside down when you see it.

The clear symptoms of the lover

But do not confuse being in love with falling in love because they are different things, falling in love is a state in which we find ourselves the first 6 months of the relationship where everything is beautiful and the person we are with seems to be perfect: we like everything he does and how he is , but after the first 6 months of it being all rosy, that is really where we realize if we are in love or not, because we begin to see the defects in both, and in the relationship.

If we are not in love We are not going to continue with that person, because when one is, they have a lot of patience with the other person, forgive things that are sometimes reasons for separation, when one is in love, communication between the two is good, they talk and say the things that bother themThey try to solve problems in a civilized way, giving their opinion on the issues that led to arguing or fighting.

Como saber si estas enamorada

The symptoms of falling in love where everything is beautiful pass after 6 months, after that, one can start talking about true love, when both accept each other as they are, without reproach to the personality of each one.

It is obvious that both are going to have to change in some things to grow as a couple, but not the essence itself, there is a saying that says: «That they love you as you are«, This is the same, they must love you as you are, and if not it is not love, love makes you be a better person, helps you get the best of you, and exploit your virtues not your defects.

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