How to say a prayer to converse with God

Can we really talk to Him? Yes, talking to God is possible. Today you are going to learn how important it is to communicate with God and how you can do it.
Cómo hablar con Dios mediante la oración

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How to activate a conversation with our almighty God? How can we feel the presence of God to ensure that it is real? How to interpret God's signs and in what way can they be manifested?

As a human being, you are powerless and unable to save yourself, but through the word of Christ you can feel loved and safe.

Human beings are related by nature. Our father wishes to maintain personal relationships with us. God is omnipotent and omnipresent, but He is also personal. God is aware, present, and compassionately involved with every detail of our identity. God demands that we develop into the same version of ourselves to access Him. God is here. God listens to us when we speak and remains faithful to his promise to always stay close to us to love and respect us.

Is talking to God the same as praying?

Praying combines worship with the way we express our faith. We can appeal to God's attention through religious prayer, thoughts recorded in a diary, sacred moments and silence with God, songs ... The message to our creator Father is in the content of the conversation, rather than in the delivery format.

God manifests himself in an invisible but omnipresent way. It is possible to talk to God from anywhere, at any time. It is then that the gift of salvation flexes its most hypertrophied muscle: the Holy Spirit.

Can God speak in dreams?

God can do everything. God can speak to you in dreams. As Creator, Father, and Almighty and Sovereign God, God can reflect His power in our dreams.

Like when we pray the holy rosary, dreams are simple night visions and can be a channel that God uses to communicate with us. God speaks, one way in another, even though no one perceives it. In a deep sleep, God can speak into your ear and reveal the warnings that help you to act correctly to preserve your life from dangers.

8 steps to maintain fluid communication with God

Start by thinking about what you want to talk about

Reflect on what you want to talk to God about. What is the main reason that leads you to start a conversation through prayer with Him.

Order the topics that you are most interested in dealing with God

God wants to hear what you have to say, but it is important that you first know what you want to say.

Treat God with the same honesty that He treats you

God and honesty are synonymous. God expects you to address Him in your purest, unadulterated form. Show your feelings and emotions as they present themselves.

Thank God for all the wonderful things He has already done for you

Gratitude is an opportunity to open the doors of good things in your life.

Relax in the name of Jesus knowing that God understood all that your soul and heart have felt

God always hears your prayers.

Share with your loved ones everything you have felt while praying for them

Your family and friends are great allies when they too pray and pray for you.

Remember that God knows, sees and does everything

God accompanies you from when you are born until you die. He is always with you.

Keep praying to enjoy the benefits of praying and the faith you profess

May what I pronounce reach many lives and may their hearts digest and comfort them internally until the fire begins in their souls for Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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