How to mark your clothes with textile stamps

Do you want to discover all the ways to easily mark your clothes that exist? Get to keep your clothes localized with these simple tricks for all tastes.
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Are you or your children going camping and need a simple way to identify your clothes? Are you interested in knowing the most comfortable ways to mark clothes for someone who is going to enter an assisted living center? What alternatives do we currently find and which ones are really the best to have our garments always located?

There is a wide range of reasons why we might need a way to brand our clothes: either because your children are going to camps or because they are going to join a sports team. Labeling clothing is also essential when someone enters a residential center.

These are situations in which they usually do shared laundry and where they mix everyone's clothes, which makes it impossible to find the one that belongs to us later if we have not taken the measure of marking it previously.

6 simple ways to label your clothes

In this article, you will learn the best ways to label your clothes depending on the design and fabric in question.

There are a few ways that range from permanent methods to temporary alternatives that leave no mark when removed.

Marker for clothes

For those looking for a simple and cheap way to mark their clothes, with permanent markers they find their solution.

Its ink is indelible, so it is a fast but irreversible way to mark clothing.

Another of its disadvantages is that the ink can penetrate the fabric, so it is important to always write it on top of a label, placing a piece of cardboard underneath until it dries.

If you plan to use this method, you have to consider if someone else will use it later, since it will not be their name that appears. It is also possible that they will reject your donation if you want to give those marked items to a charity organization.

Rubber stamps

It is an ideal option if you want to get away from the hassle of markers.

This is a great way to quickly mark clothing. They do not usually cost a lot of money and it allows you to make personalized stamps to be able to mark all the garments you want.

However, this procedure also has some limitations, as it also works with ink and has the same disadvantages as the previous method.

Iron Stamps

These stamps allow you to mark clothing quickly and at a very affordable price. Unlike rubber stamps, plate stamps do not use ink.

In addition, they are durable and on the Internet we can find places to buy them personalized.

If you need a last minute method, you can make them with a permanent marker and some fusible cloth.

Stamps with glue

If you don't feel like using the iron, you also have the stamps with glue at your disposal.

Although they are easier to use, they may also start to peel after a few washes, since glued stamps are not as durable as iron stamps.

On the other hand, you will have no problem removing them at any time without leaving a single trace of residue.

Sewing Stamps

With these stamps you can not only mark your clothes, but you can also make it look more beautiful.

However, the fact of having to know how to sew and have the time to invest in it makes many people opt for some other method.

Plastic labels

It is a method that has recently become fashionable.

It consists of attaching a label to the seam with the information you need. It is similar to the price tag that stores use to mark the price.

Among its advantages are that it is resistant, does not erase and we can remove it without difficulties. However, you will need more time and have the necessary resources.

Other ways to do it easily

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