How to interpret your dreams

Do you want to learn to interpret any dream reliably? Discover the steps to understand what is hidden in each of your dreams and how to use it to improve your life and increase your happiness.
Cómo interpretar sueños

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Have you dreamed of something relevant and would you like to know its meaning? How can we associate our dreams with the real world without making mistakes? What do you have to do to learn to understand dreams and become a true interpretation expert?

Many people believe that analyzing dreams should go to a psychic with a crystal ball, read a dream dictionary, or go to a therapist who asks questions while they are lying on a couch.

Although the above can be useful in certain circumstances, the reality is that dream analysis goes much further, as it is a very valuable way of understanding the world around you from your own self.

If you wonder why do we dream and you want to know what all your dreams really mean, just keep reading.

Make an outline of what you have dreamed of

Every dream is different: some are funny, while others are literal nightmares; some are shorter, others last longer…; Some of us remember them more clearly, while of others we only perceive having had them because of how we feel when we wake up and throughout the day.

Learn to remember your dreams

In any case, everything can have a deeper meaning that we can use to improve our lives and learn to feel happier. To do this, it seems clear where we have to start: by remembering dreams.

Learning to remember dreams is an insurmountable step if your goal is to find their deepest and most hidden meaning.

To do this there is a simple method that can be very useful: write a diary where you write notes of your dreams as soon as you wake up (that is why it is advisable to have it near the bed or on the nightstand). Try to write down as much detail as you can, even if it seems completely unrelated or meaningless at first. In the end this kind of thing is usually the most productive to find the meaning of a dream.

Do not see things where there are none

You may be tempted to attribute a meaning to the connection between everything that has happened in your dream to give it a global meaning. However, a linear connection does not always have to exist, and each event has a meaning of its own.

Always be guided by your own intuition

Although having a book or dictionary to interpret dreams, it is important that you remember that your dreams are a reflection of your own self.

The truth is that these types of manuals can be practical for those who want a general interpretation, but those who want to become experts in dream interpretation already know that the most valuable meaning of each dream is within ourselves. That is, there is a background in your personal circumstances that creates the context of your life, including your dreams.

Connect your dream with your reality

To interpret dreams it is crucial to understand that there may be some connection between the events of the dream and our real life. Understanding that by making the right connections we will be able to delve deeper into their true meanings is the step to follow to master the art of interpretation.

Start with the basics

You just need to ask yourself some questions that will help you discern the true meaning of your dreams:

Are there elements in your dream that can be associated with reality?

Almost always we find in our dreams certain parallels that reflect at the same time a concrete fact of your reality, as something that goes beyond. For example, you may have heard the day before that a lice outbreak had appeared in your local area. If in the dream you see yourself in the bathroom applying an anti-lice lotion, you may need to understand what dreaming about lice means to you, and what the lotion means.

Do you relive aspects of your reality in your dreams?

It is common to dream of things you have done, movie scenes and even the melody of a song. Most of the time the hidden meaning behind these types of dreams is only one: pure fun!

Discover the mirror law

Perhaps you have ever heard of the Law of the Mirror. Through this law we can observe how everything that happens to us is a reflection of our own inner self. That is, it maintains that all your reality is born from you and that everything that happens to you, surrounds you or you discover, is just a reflection of your true soul.

Knowing this, it is much easier to understand that there is no guilt and that we are all 100 % responsible for our own destiny in life.

Ignoring coincidences and focusing on the causality of things is when we can use the meaning of dreams to understand the world and vice versa.

Attributes a real meaning

Without a doubt, the best dreams are in which we find recognizable elements of reality, since they usually have a clear meaning that you can guess. You can take them as a reminder of something that you have started putting off a few days, but months have passed since that day.

For example, if you dream that you argue with your boss, it may reflect something more than a part of your reality, since it has become something that haunts you throughout the night. In this case, perhaps it is something that we can tackle from the waking state.

Dreaming about our worries is the first step to knowing that we must find a solution. Dreams are a learning process that we can apply in the real world.

We go with abstract dreams

The funniest thing about dreams is that they are often presented as metaphors whose meaning we can only clarify ourselves.

What did you feel?

It can be difficult to understand what a dream means if it is presented less clearly. When we dream we can feel a succession of experiences that when we wake up we cannot explain in words. This is the case of abstract dreams and they also have a meaning.

Just focus on how you felt and reflect on the following:

  1. How would you describe the dream with just one emotion?
  2. Have you felt that emotion before in the real world?
  3. What links are you able to establish between the dream and reality?

What were the key elements?

Each dream is unique, so you will not find a method to interpret them all.

The good news is that you don't need it, since you just need to focus on knowing your own state.

Look at the main elements of your dream: what or who were they? where were you? What did they do?

Since it is not advisable to give an individual interpretation to each dream symbol, interpreting the nature or category of those symbols may be possible if we first pay attention to the details.


Dreams aren't going to tell you anything you don't already know.

What happens is that sometimes we have that information at a different level and only through dreams can we be aware of what it refers to.

Just behave sensibly and honestly, and assume what your true feelings are and what you can do now to manage them.

Move to the next level of performance

Like everything in life, when we practice dream interpretation we will become better at giving meaning to everything we dream of.

You can get used to interpreting your dreams

Each time you understand the meaning of your dream, you will be one step closer to understanding your subconscious. However, this learning is one-way, but you can count on some guides to give you a general idea of their meanings.

Recognize patterns

Try to know what your dream schedule is. That is, pay attention to what you feel and what happens. As time passes you will be able to interpret these dreams very easily if you took note of everything that happened in them.

Develop your ability to interpret dreams reliably

The secret to remembering that there are no rules when interpreting any dream and that, therefore, there is no right or wrong way to draw conclusions from what you dream.

Everything is based on the good will to be honest with yourself and to understand that it is nothing more than a self-learning process.

Try to make an effort to understand the effect your dreams have on your daily life, as this will make it easier for you to find some positive aspect that will help you improve in certain areas.

In any case, do not forget that in dreams there are no laws, so in the end it is about enjoying understanding ourselves.

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