How to Help a Smoker Quit Tobacco

Does a family member or friend want to quit smoking? Today we review the essential tips to help that loved one quit their addiction to tobacco as soon as possible.
Cómo ayudar a un fumador a dejar el tabaco

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Is there a loved one trying to quit smoking and you want to know the best way to support them? What challenges does someone trying to quit tobacco face and how can you motivate? How do you collaborate with someone trying to say goodbye to cigarettes?

Smoking is a serious and complex addiction that makes it difficult for many to quit. Almost everyone who sets out to quit smoking naturally succeeds after just a few attempts.

However, the help of family and friends is essential to speed up the process and today you will learn what you can do to help that loved one quit their addiction.


Respect the abandonment of their addiction

Understand that this person is facing a change, and that all that person needs from you is support and understanding. Be interested in knowing how he is overcoming this challenge: what are his feelings, how he perceives the progress. Not everything is limited to not smoking but rather to learning how to quit smoking naturally.

Your words of encouragement are very powerful when talking to someone who is trying to get tobacco out of their life. Try to accompany him by doing activities that fill his life: do physical exercise together, go to the movies together, go for a walk, have a snack at a cafeteria ...

Think of it this way: a smoker can feel tobacco as his adventure companion in tough times. How do you give that up overnight?

Make your home smoke free

The golden rule: no one can smoke in that house. So try to eliminate any elements that are reminiscent of tobacco. Remove all lighters and ashtrays from sight. Remove anything that reminds you of smoking.

Wash clothes, rugs, curtains ... and use air fresheners at home and in the car to eliminate the smell of tobacco.

Some tasks are great for when someone wants to quit tobacco: babysitting, cooking, crafts ...anything that eliminates stress it is beneficial to quit smoking!

Celebrate your progress

Quitting smoking is a VERY ambitious challenge. The good news? That anyone has the capacity to do it. And a great way to remind them is to keep faith in them.

Try to avoid judgments, blame, teasing, or warnings. This only hurts the smoker and hinders his progress toward the goal of quitting. If you want your loved one to quit smoking, don't make him turn to tobacco to soothe his hurt feelings.

Relativize their bad mood

It is normal for your mood to be altered during your abandonment phase. Clearly express your understanding of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. They are real, but they don't last forever.

In about 2 weeks they will be gone. Avoid advice. Just be interested in how you can help with his treatment or cessation plan.

Understand the detox process

It is quite common for smokers who are trying to quit to take an occasional drag on a cigar or smoke a cigarette or two. This behavior is very natural when someone tries to quit smoking.

Just remind him how long you've been without smoking before doing it again. Remembering all the reasons you wanted to quit helps put the idea of quitting out of your head.

A relapse is not the end of the world

It is common for a person to need several attempts before successfully quitting. A relapse consists of going back to smoking as before trying to quit smoking. If this happens, just consider it a test for next time.

Persevere in your encouragement and support for your loved one. Recognize their bravery by try to quit smoking and praise all the time you have been without it, whether it was days, weeks or months.

Your loved one has to understand that he has not failed, but that he continues to learn to quit smoking, and that it is allowed to do so as many times as necessary.

Encourage him to keep trying

If someone is not ready to quit smoking, it is because they are prepared to try again soon. Encourage him to learn from the attempt, as all that he can use next time. It is important to acquire certain skills to learn not to smoke.

Smoke away from the person who is quitting. Keep your cigarettes and all smoker paraphernalia out of sight. Never offer to smoke or any other form of tobacco.

Consider joining your loved one in quitting cigarettes. It will improve your health, but it will also make everything easier if you team up with someone who has the same goal as you.

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