How to congratulate a loved one on an achievement

Cómo felicitar a un ser querido

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Is a birthday, a baptism or some other celebration coming up and you want a good message to congratulate the occasion? Do you want to know the congratulatory texts messages to send by SMS or chat? Would you like to find the appropriate message to congratulate a raise or graduation?

Whether it is for a wedding, a proposal, a promotion at work, the arrival of a baby or any other achievement, the best way to celebrate is by sending an adorable congratulatory message that shows you care.

Here are some of the best messages for you to share with your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone else important to you.

We hope that these texts to congratulate your loved ones you really like them.

52 wonderful messages to congratulate someone you love

  1. A pleasure to welcome you to our family… Congratulations!
  2. Congratulations on your promotion. Keep it up. The limit is in the sky!
  3. Your effort finally pays off. Work and determination pay off. Enjoy it!
  4. Your success is an example for everyone. You make the challenges look easy. Congratulations!
  5. Wonderful job! Keep it up.
  6. I applaud your commitment and perseverance. Well done.
  7. Congratulations. You did it!
  8. Now to rest! Not everyone makes it to the top. Congratulations on your performance.
  9. Well played. Enjoy your moment of glory.
  10. Well done. This is just the beginning.
  11. I admire your achievement. Congratulations.
  12. You see that if you persevere, everything comes. Congratulations.
  13. I toast to your determination and self confidence.
  14. Chin Chin! Your perseverance has a reward.
  15. I love you son. You shine like a star Congratulations.
  16. Enjoy and take advantage of every minute. Welcome to the daddy's club. Congratulations.
  17. Welcome to the Mamis Club… This occasion deserves a celebration. Congratulations.
  18. You have made my day. Congratulations.
  19. Today I have a smile from ear to ear for your news. Congratulations.
  20. A warm welcome for your precious treasure. Congratulations mom and dad.
  21. I'm glad to hear that you are going to be grandparents. Congratulations!
  22. May these moments of happiness always shine and guide your future.
  23. Congratulations on the baby. It will light up the world.
  24. Enjoy the time with your baby. Give him a shower of love from me. Congratulations.
  25. Congratulations on your new home.
  26. Congratulations on your new pet. It will be a great company.
  27. Begin the new relationship with responsibility and mutual respect. Congratulations, friends.
  28. You are a fantastic team.
  29. Victory is most glorious when performance is consistently brilliant. Congratulations.
  30. After a time of intense work, commitment and diligence allow you to rest. Congratulations.
  31. You have reached a great height. Congratulations.
  32. Your name has always been synonymous with excellence. Congratulations.
  33. I am happy with your achievement. Congratulations on this success.
  34. You are the star of the family. Our greatest pride.
  35. You have been the shining star of our family. Thank you for making us jump for joy again.
  36. Congratulations on your success. You are a role model.
  37. Bravo! Your effort has paid off.
  38. Congratulations on adding another virtue to your soul.
  39. We see you as a true example to follow. Congratulations on your work.
  40. Wow! Have you been promoted so fast? Congratulations!
  41. Nice job. You make us very proud. My best wishes for you.
  42. I very much admire your success. Congratulations on getting it.
  43. I deserved to hear this wonderful news, congratulations!
  44. Congratulations on making us so proud of you. We are very happy about your success.
  45. You deserve a round of applause for what you've done.
  46. You have the portion of commitment and passion necessary to achieve what you set out to do. Keep it up.
  47. Thank you for being so inspiring to others
  48. You are a good smile painter. Congratulations.
  49. I hope that life gives you a lot of happiness, good luck and abundance. Congratulations.
  50. Today two souls become one. At your wedding I wish you a lot of happiness together.
  51. When I see that you have done it, I believe that anything is possible. !! Congratulations!!
  52. You knew how to say no to all the comforts and distractions. Your perseverance. Congratulations.


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